[clip] Rain on the Consolatory Train. (7/12)

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120712 Dema – 위문열차 Consolatory Train_Hip Song + Talking & It’s Raining. (Source credit: DEMA.mil.kr / courtesy of ratoka @YT)

~ by Cloud USA on July 17, 2012.

5 Responses to “[clip] Rain on the Consolatory Train. (7/12)”

  1. he have sing this so many time that it hit in my I-tune ever night ahahahhah the man is blahs of singer and i can’t wait to hear his new Album next…. i just happy to see this men are excited and yelling and minimizing about see Rain performance it just women did as well.. that expression in all very give me happy mood to see how enjoy they are watching Rain … i do believed he gain million men on that !!


  2. Rain is probably tired of singing those songs but I bet the joy, the energy his fellow soldiers express while he’s singing makes him feel a lot better. He’s doing what he’s supose to do and that is to bring a moment of relaxation to his fellow soldiers. To think that he’s probably paying for the show, you know at the end of the day, I know someone above is watching and will take it into account. I feel so proud of him and to be a Cloud! God bless you always Baby Boo!! 😀


  3. He’s said before that his songs are on his iPod, but he dosn’t listen to them because he has to sing them all the time. And that was before military service.


  4. I wonder if Rain is tired of singing this song! He’s performed it a million times. lol


    • Kekekeke!………I’m sure if he could really speak his mind publicly the answer would a big YES!


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