[article] Rain to Perform in Military Marathon Event in Seoul in September.

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Yahoo! Philippines / eNews World 7/16/2012 — By Oh, MiJung | CJ E&M enewsWorld

Rain to Perform in Military Marathon Event in Seoul in September

Rain, who is currently serving as a PR agent in the army’s Defense Media Agency (DEMA), will be present at the soldier marathon event to be held in Yeoido on September 15.

Rain and his fellow PR agents Yoo Gun, Im Joo Hwan, Kim Jae Wook, KCM and Untouchable’s Sleepy and D-Action will perform at the event for the soldiers.

On July 16 an official for the event told enews, “Private Jung Ji Hoon (Rain) will be there, but we don’t know whether he’ll run the course also. It depends on the soldier’s own will.”

Ordinary civilians can also run alongside soldiers in the marathon. There are half, 10km and 5km courses ready, and applications will be accepted until the end of the month.

Rain has performed in a number of military-related concerts since he was transferred to the PR unit in March. He flew to Vietnam soon after his transfer to perform in the concert celebrating Korea and Vietnam’s 20 years of diplomatic ties.

His appearance at the time made big issues thanks to the crowds of local fans that gathered to see him. He also performed for the Children’s Day event in May, and in the K-Pop special concert headed by DEMA at the Yeosu Expo on June 16.

He is currently regularly performing on KFN TV’s Morale Train for his fellow soldiers.

Although he has performed in so many concerts, it’s been hard to catch him in Seoul. He did appear at the Radienteering Competition hosted by DEMA and the Seoul National Cemetery on June 22, but not many civilians were present because the event wasn’t as well known among the public.

His upcoming appearance in the marathon, which will take place in the middle of busy downtown Seoul, is thus being received by his fans as a bit of good news.

Rain performs in a variety of events as a PR agent, and hosts the Friends FM weekend show Rain and KCM’s Speeding Instinct.

Photo credit: DEMA’s official blog

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  1. JiHoon although we all know you can run this thing, take this time to relax and observe only. Okay SUPERMAN?


  2. Stephe……smiling over here.


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