[article] Korean Class Massive takes a look at upcoming R2B: Return to Base.

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언니 (eonni) Ema, middle sis of the group Anna, and 막내 (maknae) Sarah are the three inspirations behind Korean Class Massive, a wonderfully put-together blog site out of London that celebrates Korean culture. (Their YouTube is a KPop haven. Go check it out!) Do enjoy this, dear fans, their recent write-up for fans in the U.K on Rain’s upcoming blockbuster R2B: 리턴투베이스 / Return to Base.

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Korean Class Massive Blog 7/13/2012 —

R2B: Return 2 Base

Introducing ~  R2B: Return to Base
Due for release in South Korea in August 2012.

Rain may be in the middle of his military service but that doesn’t stop him from dominating entertainment news. Right now there is a lot of hype about new South Korean movie “R2B: Return to Base” expected to be this summer’s blockbuster.

But lets not let Rain steal all the limelight, another reason why this movie is expected to be a huge hit is due to it’s star studded cast. As well as Superstar Rain, R2B will also be starring Jung Suk Won whom we saw in last week’s KCC film screening Il Mare. Shin Sekyung whom we saw in popular Korean Drama Fashion King this year. Lee Jong Suk, super awesome brooding musician from Secret Garden and we’ll also be seeing Rain reunited with his “buddy” from his Full House days Kim Sung-soo. Fun Fact: Lee Ha Na another member of this star studded cast was the voice of the angelic narrator in one of our favourite South Korean documentary by Song Il-gon “Dance of Time”.

This movie is about Rain being awesome. What? You need more information? Ok so Rain plays the role of Taehoon who is the youngest pilot of the special acrobatic air force team Black Eagle. After showing off his awesomeness, he gets transferred to the a combat unit. Cue a lot of male testosterone, a love story and some kick ass action. This will definitely fill our Avengers void!!! We have also read that apparently, aerospace experts were consulted and this film is fully supported by Korea’s actual Air Force so get ready for some breathtaking action. If you don’t believe us, take a look at the trailer:

The wonderful people at CJ E&M are looking for responses and feedback from people all over the world to decide if this movie will be popular in the international market, so who knows, you might be able to see Rain on the big screen again in the UK! If you want this to happen, make sure you tweet us, Facebook us, comment, email, track us down and tell us what you think about this movie! Also don’t forget to check out the R2B Facebook page for all the latest updates teasers!

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  1. The movie will alot of prazy.


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