[article] 2PM Wooyoung Was Inspired by Michael Jackson, Rain and JYP.

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Photo credit: JYP

CJ E&M eNews World 7/10/2012 — by Kim, JiYeon/ Translation Credit : Erika Kim  

[Interview] 2PM Wooyoung Was Inspired by Michael Jackson, Rain and JYP


What does it mean to you to be releasing a solo album when you’re the member of a group?

“Wanting to release a solo album isn’t the only correct way to take. You can want to act while keeping your idol group together. It’s just that for me, I dreamed of becoming a solo singer even before debuting as the member of a group.”

“I dreamed not only of becoming a solo singer, but of becoming a solo dance singer. Michael Jackson, Park Jin Young and Rain; these three people made me want to be a singer. I’m personally very happy that I got to fulfill my dream.”

» You can read this interview in its entirety on eNews World HERE.

~ by Cloud USA on July 9, 2012.

4 Responses to “[article] 2PM Wooyoung Was Inspired by Michael Jackson, Rain and JYP.”

  1. Hey Stephe and Terri, I have a question. In Wooyoung’s video for “Sexy Lady”, are the Fabulous Ones (Gori and the boys) Wooyoung’s dancers? There’s a dancer in the video that looks a lot like Gori. Thanks!


  2. His new song choreography is very 80s inspired.


  3. Ah, so I guess I was right in my observances on the last post for this video. I “cut my teeth” on MJ and the Jackson Five. I see his moves in just about e’erbody these days. (SMILES)


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