8 Responses to “Tweets abound: Rain’s new Facebook page, plus Rain vs. Che TaeHyeon this summer.”

  1. Stephe You are amazing… Thank you Cloud USA!
    All for the love of Rain 🙂


  2. Yay! I’m so there after work! =( Work blocks FB.


  3. RAINY entertainment is doin’ the doggone thang! Finally………here’s hoping that they make a connection with CloudUSA to find out what his US fans are thinking………#aboutdangtime…………I need for them to create some concert DVD’s for sale here in the US with good english subtitles—imagine THAT! Bi on the flat screen in your own home—100% yummy


  4. It’s about time…..lol.


  5. yes that was awesome is it finally it a board ahahaha now this what i said official FB i will be see and update ahaha thank share this stephe
    now they have tweet. Fb and youtube what can u ask ahahah


  6. Whoop Whoop, Rain is officially on Facebook!!!!


  7. Awesome!


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