From Dramafever: The 50 Hottest Photos of Rain

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All I can say is there must have been some Clouds working overtime at  And we are delighted.  Talk about a virtual feast for the eyes.  Wah!  :-}

Dramafever Blog
June 25, 2012
Posted by Dan
The 50 Hottest Photos of Rain

“Here’s our definitive list of the 50 most gorgeous photos international star Rain has ever taken…so far. Watch Rain (and his chocolate abs) on DramaFever here!”




To see the rest of Rain’s hottest photos, visit Dramafever’s Blog HERE.

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Photo credits:  Rainy Entertainment

~ by Cloud USA on July 1, 2012.

12 Responses to “From Dramafever: The 50 Hottest Photos of Rain”

  1. Oppa Rain , IS hot as fire and, everything nice that comes sweet ! Take it in ladies” Take it in” Because he will always be hot as fire for us ladies! So we must support and encourage him him always.


  2. I use them to try and find more fans for him…


  3. Not crazy justa fan who finds him sexy and worth collecting photos of.


  4. I have a whole collections of great pics of him sexy as hell too.. his own personal spot.


  5. oh so yummy I just makes a person want to eat him up with some strawberries and lite whoop cream.


  6. Ooooo Love our Rain Rain Thanks for sharing


  7. Being a new fan of Rain, I am seeing some of these pictures for the first time. So far, I have not yet seen one single picture that I didn’t like. Every day I find some new video, new pictures, new interviews and I come to know more of who Rain is. I just finished watching the Golden Fishery episode with Rain and heard him talk about his mom, his inspiration, his strength and I couldn’t hold back tears, I am sure she is his guardian angel and he has made her very proud. I am a mom and I want to adopt Rain (I am probably one of a few millions in line, lol!). Some of the best qualities I see in Rain is his sincerity and humbleness. Thank you for sharing the pictures.


  8. 1 pic
    all i thinking if a man like Rain ever give this flower to me all i saying that my BF for sure and he not goes anywhere u under my palm ahahahah

    2 oh ma he SO ruggedly handsome with that outfit and body look i wish i can put my hand on his chest and all i want to put my eye close to that man ever ….

    3 pic dammmmmmmmmm!! his SIXENESSS never get tried me instead i want see he do that move so often i think i just die********** and if he ever did the POLE dance i guess i went to heaven @@ :P)
    *sneaker* *




  10. And pic #1 is my all time favorite pic of Bi thus far. Of all the pictures I’ve seen and saved of him, this one (I feel) embodies the two main parts to his personality we fans see the most. His angelic side and his devilish (sneaky) side rolled up into one gorgeous pic. The eyes “slay” me every time in that photo. They say SO darned much in one capture.


  11. umm…OMG…to all of them. Dang, Lord have mercy!…lol


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