[MBLAQ check] MBLAQ is Proud to be a K-Pop Group.

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eNewsWorld via Yahoo! Philippines 6/29/2012 —Reporter: Oh, MiJung (omj0206@cj.net)  / CJ E&M

[interview] MBLAQ is Proud to be a K-Pop Group

MBLAQ has spread its wings, and it soon aims to fly to the heart of Asia.

Starting with its concert in Jakarta, Indonesia on June 30, MBLAQ plans to tour through Bangkok on July 7, Seoul from July 21-22, Osaka on July 26, Tokyo from July 30-31 and Taipei on August 18 with its six-city Asia tour BLAQ%.

The group has continued to grow since it made its debut in 2009, and plans to step up to a bigger stage and meet with more fans across Asia.

When we met the members at their practice room in Gangnam, they were busy practicing for their first ever exclusive overseas tour.

Although they seemed busy, they looked more excited than they had looked for any time in their career.

How do you feel about your upcoming concert?

Seung Ho: “I’m so nervous because it’s our first exclusive overseas concert. It’s happening thanks to the love sent us by so many people.”

Should we be looking forward to the concert? What is there to see?

Seung Ho: “A lot of the songs’ moods will change. There will also be a lot to see in individual performances. A lot of performances no one has ever seen before will be put onstage. It’ll be a special present. We’re preparing magic shows, dance and even piano performances.”

Lee Joon: “We plan to rearrange our original content. There will be dance and song. We plan to interpret [our songs] in a new way.”

What does your agency’s representative singer, RAIN, say about the concert?

Seung Ho: “He always tells us that we should practice hard but forget all about it and just enjoy when we’re onstage. He also told us to pour all our efforts into practice, and that when we’re so exhausted we feel like we’re going to die after that we should start laughing.”

“He said that’ll help us touch our fans’ hearts more. That’s what he said, but it’s hard. If you’re exhausted, you’re just exhausted; you can’t laugh. That’s why [Rain is] so great.”

These days, idol groups go overseas more often than they go to the regional areas. It’s all thanks to the K-Pop boom.

Seung Ho: “That’s right. We didn’t get to hold any exclusive concerts in the regions, but we’re holding them overseas. We actually go to Tokyo, Japan more often than we go to any regional city in Korea.”

“We do get worried, though. I think since we expose too much [to our overseas fans], we won’t be mysterious anymore. Almost all K-Pop singers travel overseas. Since overseas fans have so many chances to see them, they feel less need to catch every concert.”

Has anything interesting happened overseas?

Seung Ho: “Last year, we went to Brazil in the summer to film … .

» You can read Oh MiJung’s extensive article in its entirety on the Yahoo! Philippines news site HERE.

Original article courtesy of CJ E& M eWorld News

Photos credit: J.Tune Camp

~ by Cloud USA on June 30, 2012.

2 Responses to “[MBLAQ check] MBLAQ is Proud to be a K-Pop Group.”

  1. It’s so great they’re having an Asia Tour, they’re really talented guys, and deserve this opportunity to achieve more succes as artists, when you watch variety shows with them, they’re really charming and funny guys!..Love what Seung Ho said about Rain, you can see how much they respect him, and through his words we can certify one more time, the unique and incredible person that Rain is, he’s still young but sometimes say things that seems to come from one person more older than he’s, you know someone more wise due to the experience of the years, that awesome man always teach us a lesson of “never give up” and conquer whatever we want, with a smile in of lips


  2. ** I think we’ve exposed too much (of ourselves) to our overseas fans **

    Now THAT made me laugh. I hate to break it to you Seung Ho sweetie, but when you say overseas you’re still talking Asia. When we say overseas, we think Overseas, Overseas…..like North America Overseas. You guys are still scratching the surface over here (in some parts)…..BUT we Clouds love you guys too! (SMILES) So no worries.


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