“Well this day is off to a rousing start.” *grumble*

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~ by Cloud USA on June 26, 2012.

15 Responses to ““Well this day is off to a rousing start.” *grumble*”

  1. ahahah i have see this ALK coouple time it was very GOOD drama esp when can betray hims COLD BLOOD person or even on other hand he can be sweet too but u know a person set his GOAL to took a revenge of her which his brother lover could invade his love into her instead well,.. i can’t blame Rain for it it hard for him to decide to either kill her or love her but what i very love about this drama is Rain is so good in his character Kang Bok he have suck talent skill to act like this man i have see many actor u name but nothing can pull it off like him serious they should have Rain filming a lot K-drama i know he always busy but it good to look up for him have good drama for us once a yrs right!!
    well that girl so crazy make rain feel guilty because your choices are not what he wants? she forces him to love her how could tolerate somebody who have no relationship and want u way self-fish …. well i glad he did pic her the story have been change big time here


  2. I saw on a YouTube video how they film this part. He had to do this part I don’t know how many times. The poor thing was tired and cold. And every time he did it his face wouldn’t show how tired he was. He is such a professional and committed person. No one like him.


  3. Well, that’s the way badasses wake up every morning!! Badass things to do, places to go, damsel in distress to save even when you hate her guts!! Lol!!! I love that part! That gurl had issues but he saved her anyways! At first I didn’t understand what the hell it meant for the story cuz that beginning of ALTK is confusing but after I saw the drama I guess the writer wanted to say off the bat that he was bad but also with a good heart. ๐Ÿ˜€


  4. Oh boy, I’m afraid to even ask. (SMILES) Well, here’s to hoping your day perks up and becomes more like this.

    *Happy Thoughts!*………………………………………….


    • That is our “lovely” Kang Bok Gu from A Love to Kill…Rain really showed his acting skills in this one, ’cause he was a stone cold playa. The lady that he is shown rescuing threatened to jump off a bridge if he didn’t say he loved her. Well, HE didn’t say it and SHE jumped……..and HE hesitated before he jumped into the river to save her………#whatajerk


      • Yes, what great character development in a screenplay! In just a few moments, we learn so much about Bok-gu, and we learn all of it without anyone saying very much at all. That whole drama was full of amazing writing like that.

        As a writer, I am in total awe of Lee Kyung-hee, who not only wrote A Love to Kill, but also Sangdoo, Let’s Go to School, Sorry, I Love You and Will it Snow for Christmas, all of which are some of my favorite Korean dramas. She is such an amazing screenwriter. I wish I could write like that.

        Terri :-}


      • Oh I know BokGu……quite well! (SMILES) ALTK was the first drama I watched Bi in. I was just trying to keep with the spirit of the “quotes on pictures” post.


      • Okay don’t get pissed, but the part of her trying to force him to say he loves her or else was just crazy to me. Like him I would have been like oh get a life! I know that sounds cold but actually it’s not if you put the shoe on the other foot.
        Would you allow a man to give you an ultimatum? And make you feel guilty because your choices are not what he wants?
        Now I’m not talking about your man. Just my pennies worth.

        BTW love the caption.


        • Hahahahahaha!! It’s sounds crazy, cause she was crazy. First of all, I’m gonna jump off a bridge cause you won’t say you love me???….c’mon now. I don’t blame him either for that one. He can play “ice cold” like nobody’s business, can’t he?


  5. That is from the Start from that start of Episode one, A love to kill.


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