[#5] From Stephe’s desk: My fantasy Rain playlist for the U.S. continued.

When I’m rolling in my Hybrid Hyundai and listening to my very favorite songs, these are the sounds from my playlist—whether he were to do an occasional cover or match the vibe—that I think would have Rain lighting up our airwaves like a Christmas tree. (JiHoon, are you listening?)

What’s on your fantasy Rain playlist, dear fans? Why?

» Numbers 14 through 19 on my fantasy Rain playlist are HERE.

— Stephe @CloudUSA.org ^@@^


#20. Usher – There Goes My Baby. Courtesy of UsherVEVO @YT) You’ve already got this kind of Swagga right here, Rain, your own special brand, like Urshaaaa’s got his. You don’t have to copy anybody. Just USE it. Ooo-wee, baby.

#21. Ralph Tresvant – Sensitivity. (Courtesy of OlsKoolJamZ @YT)

#22. Gino Vannelli – Living Inside Myself. (Courtesy of capauno @YT)

#23. Gino Vannelli – I Just Wanna Stop. (Courtesy of TheGINOvannelli @YT)

#24. Al Jarreau – After All. (Courtesy of SergRach1 @YT).

#25. Barry White – Your Sweetness Is My Weakness. (Courtesy of TheFabulousBlues @YT) Just think of how much FUN this would be, not as a marketed song, but done live with a tambourine, Retro attire, some booty shakin’ and the audience clapping right along as he plays to them with that tongue hanging out. Heheh!


The proof, as they say, is in the pudding: “Even You”, off of Rain’s 2nd album released in Korea and 1st album released in Japan, “How To Avoid The Sun” and “Rain: Early Works”, respectively. (courtesy of miisukehiro)


~ by Cloud USA on June 26, 2012.

13 Responses to “[#5] From Stephe’s desk: My fantasy Rain playlist for the U.S. continued.”

  1. Rain is a incredible dancer. He could do a duet with Janet, Ms. Jackson if you’re nasty.


  2. Produced by Timbaland, this is one of my favorite Jamie Foxx songs. It contains Timbaland’s trademark skip-drum beat sound.


  3. This was Frankie’s only song. It was released in 1997. Here in New York they played this song all of the time, and till this day I love it. Lovin’ the “Look Of Love” by Isaac Hayes Sample.


  4. I’d love to see him dance to this one!


  5. its Tantric Sexuality – Deep Sexy Chill Out on my piano music playlist on you tube.


  6. I have something in mind it is on the tip of my tongue.. It is sexual love making music.


  7. Round two. (SMILES)………..This is a young “blue-eyed” soul performer out of the Disney ranks (Believe or not). I was watching a cheesy Cinderella movie one Saturday…..bored as hell. I was prompted to go to YT. I found some of Drew Seeley’s songs and thought he sounded kinda funky on a couple of songs. Once again, I’m looking at songs from a dancer’s perspective this go round. I see the dancer in Bi performing to beats/grooves like this.

    Yes, all my choices are unusual today….but I can see DANCER Bi on any one of these tracks alone.


  8. Well, here’s one that would be a fun to perform in concert with his “Fab 5″…..(SMILES). This one came out a year before you were born Baby Love. Your Noona’s and Ajumma’s knew how to groove back in the day Bi Baby!

    Also, Bi could sing/perform this from a guy’s perspective. I think this would be fun for a cool dance routine in concert.

    This is a funky one too. I know he likes funky grooves and I can see him performing to this track, not necessarily singing this song.

    Another funky one to perform to. Bi baby you were a tiny young thing when these songs were popular, but it’s in you dear. We see it. (SMILES)

    Granted these are unusual choices, but I’m trying to see the Whole performer in him and not just the sexy side. Even though it’s WAY Hard to Not see that side of him. (SMILES) If I think of more, I’ll come back.


  9. I’m loving your suggestions Ms. Stephe, especially Usher’s “There Goes My Baby” and Barry’s “Your Sweetness is My Weakness.” I don’t know what else to add. However, if something “hits” me I certainly will add it here. (SMILES). Bi singing “There Goes My Baby”…….Good “LAWD”!!!!


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