Awesome K-Pop Moment of the Week: ‘Like This’ & ‘The Gloomy Song’ Soar on Billboard

~Cloud cover by Terri :-}, Managing Editor

Usually I’m pretty good at predicting which K-Pop groups and numbers are going to be popular with the global crowd.  In fact, I have a lot of fun making my predictions and boring my family and friends to tears with them (…hush, Stephe).  So, seldom do I find many surprises when I drop by Billboard’s Korea K-Pop Hot 100 Music Chart to take a gander at what’s hot and what’s not from week to week.  This week, though, I was delighted to find that two of my currently favorite songs had abruptly soared to the top of the charts.  Talk about awesome!  You should have seen me grinning.  It was stupid.  LOL.

So what are these spectacularly awesome songs?  Well, I thought you’d never ask.  😛

Currently at #2 on the chart (behind BIGBANG‘s Monster) is the Wondergirls, with their Wonder Party song, Like This, a song that makes you want to get up and dance no matter what you’re doing while you’re listening to it. (Warning:  Do not, I repeat, DO NOT listen to this song at work with your headphones on.  It is dangerous.  Especially when you forget you are wearing them.  I’m just sayin’.)  The word on the street is that the Wondergirls have also recorded an English version of Like This for their English-speaking fans.  I can’t wait to hear it.

At #3 on the chart is a song many of you who regularly listen to Rain‘s and KCM‘s military radio show, Speeding Instinct, may recognize.  It’s called The Gloomy Song, by rap duo Hyung Don and Dae Jun, and it makes me laugh every single time I hear it.  So much fun.  Wanna laugh even harder?  Visit for the English Translation. :-}

Both of these terrific songs are now available for purchase on iTunes.  So, I encourage you to spend a measly .99 cents per song and help support these lovely artistes.  I just did.

Terri :-}

~ by Cloud USA on June 20, 2012.

One Response to “Awesome K-Pop Moment of the Week: ‘Like This’ & ‘The Gloomy Song’ Soar on Billboard”

  1. I like both songs………….”like this Y’ALL, like this”……LOL…..”The Gloomy Song”—-straight “gangsta”………kekekekee


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