5 Responses to “[cams][clips][articles][account] A final look at rain falling on the Yeosu Korea World EXPO.”

  1. HAHAHAHAHAHA……. Girl you are so funny! Thanks 🙂


  2. April is something else, OMG I cracked up so many times! LMAO!! But I must say that I admire her for having the guts to go there and see Rain and live in Korea! She’s amazing! Love her account and I sooo want to be there! The Expo sounds awesome! I really enjoyed her way of telling things and talking with her hands cuz I do that too! Lol!!! Thanks for posting, it was as close as I’m gonna get to Rain for now!! 😀


  3. April,
    Awesome account of your adventure! You had me alternating between cracking up and holding my breath….I was so excited for you and sooo jealous at the same time. LOL! I hope and pray to see him once, let alone three times. My friend Paige, who is also a Cloud USA member, and I hope to take a trip to Korea in a year or so and really would like to visit the Yeosu Expo since hearing your description. Your henna tattoo was beautiful!! So very happy you got to see him!!
    Stephe, thanks so much for posting all the vids and clips, and thanks to everyone else for sharing them with us.


  4. April……breeeeaathe. (SMILES)…..*just kidding*

    Very cool account and I hope the little kids and old people that got knocked out of the way when you “went into a trance” recover quickly. (SMILES) Again, I’m only kidding…..(SMILES)


  5. Awesome fan account, PFN! 🙂


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