[fan cams][images] Rain at the 2012 EXPO Yeosu Korea’s special K-Pop concert. (6/16)

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

여수 엑스포 가수 비 공연! 고화질동영상 (짧음.ㅠ) / Rain EXPO show! High Definition video (Short. ㅠ) ^@@^.  Fan cam credit: hhs6094 @YT.

電動なぬのっとけ2. Rain on motorized stage. (fan cam credit: yoeo010101010 @YT)

Rain and Crew before the K-Pop EXPO concert, fabulous as usual! By the way, a little birdie in Japan told us that you had a birthday last week, KyuSang. Happy Belated Birthday, cutie! ♥ ^@@^(Image credit: 박경열 / courtesy of CloudUnite @Twitter)

(Images credit: Media as tagged / courtesy of biblueberry @yfrog, raincloud1982 @Twitter, CloudUnite @Twitter


~ by Cloud USA on June 16, 2012.

4 Responses to “[fan cams][images] Rain at the 2012 EXPO Yeosu Korea’s special K-Pop concert. (6/16)”

  1. I’ve been reading about the 2012 Expo Yeosu Korea in KOREA magazine. It sounds so amazing, especially with it’s Ocean theme. I hope Rain got to enjoy it! 😀


  2. oh Rain…. 😎 looking so good COOL in that outfit the 3 pic that KISSABLE……………………LIP this pic looking HOT on him esp i love his JACKET !!!!!!!


  3. These are great pictures. Thank you so much for sharing.


  4. exelentes fotos !! que lindo !! gracias !!


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