[#4] From Stephe’s desk: My fantasy Rain playlist for the U.S. continued.

When I’m rolling in my 300 Hyundai and listening to my very favorite songs, these are the sounds from my playlist—whether he were to do an occasional cover or match the vibe—that I think would have Rain lighting up our airwaves like a Christmas tree. (JiHoon, are you listening?)

What’s on your fantasy Rain playlist, dear fans? Why?

» Numbers 8 through 13 on my fantasy Rain playlist are HERE.

— Stephe @CloudUSA.org ^@@^


#14. Selena – I Could Fall in Love. Courtesy of emimusic @YT) I’ve heard some Spanish guitar flavor in a few of your songs, JiHoon, so I know you dig that sound. A male version of this would be amazing and your Latin fans would love you all the more for it. (Continue to rest in peace, Selena. It’s been 17 years since we lost you because of that crazy *itch.)

#15. Lenny Kravitz – Again. (Courtesy of virginrecords @YT) I also saw and heard quite clearly, during the BEST concert tours last year, how “Rainism” and “Hip Song” were amped up with a gritty rock sound by the band, as you instructed. I love it. So c’mon. Get your rock on, baby.

#16. Lenny Kravitz – Heaven Help. (Courtesy of LennyKravitzVEVO @YT) I mean, honestly. Y’all know it’s true. Heaven help the heart that lets Hoonie inside. Because she will be in for one hell of a ride. (And you can take that both ways.)

#17. Carl Thomas – I Wish. (Courtesy of Therealct1 @YT) Hey well, this kind of thing is Rain’s specialty. Can I get an AMEN?

#18. Robin Thicke – Love After War. (Courtesy of RobinThickeVEVO @YT). Let’s lay our weapons on the floor… give me some love after war. @__@

#19. Wilson Pickett – Sugar, Sugar. (Courtesy of pandachann @YT) Just get your whiskey voice in gear and let it “do what it do.” 알았어? Okay.


The proof, as they say, is in the pudding: “Because I Was Too Hot” (내가 너무 뜨거워서 (Naega neomu tteugeowoseo) / 僕が熱くなりすぎて(Boku Ga Atsuku Nari Sugite), off of Rain’s 2nd album released in Japan, Eternal Rain (2006). » Our lyrics are HERE.


~ by Cloud USA on June 12, 2012.

3 Responses to “[#4] From Stephe’s desk: My fantasy Rain playlist for the U.S. continued.”

  1. I actually Like the song I could fall in love with you 🙂 .. trying to see him make a song to that slow style.. He could do it … It would be a little slower than love story but, he would have to really think about his dance moves though. That is a good challenge good job thinking of that. I mean, this is Rain JI Hoon He can do anything he puts his will and mind to it : ) .


  2. Stephe, I am lovin’ these choices for real. The song selected for Selena is great—and still played heavily here in Texas. Lenny K—–one of my personal favorites, love how he does his OWN thing in his OWN way. Carl Thomas—that’s a winner for sure! Robin Thicke—-absolutely golden. Wicked Wilson Pickett—ole’ school soul influence.

    I was listening to this song over the weekend and immediately thought of hipsandthighs.com (Rain)….LOL


    • Ooooooh YEAH! Definitely Careless Whisper. Thanks for throwing it in the stack!

      Glad you think I’m doing good. 😀

      hipsandthighs.com ahahahaha LOVE that. You know he is. Heheh.

      Stephe ^@@^


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