[article] First Movie Poster for Rain’s Upcoming Movie Out.

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eNews World 6/13/2012 —

First Movie Poster for Rain’s Upcoming Movie Out

The first movie poster for Rain’s upcoming movie has been released.

On June 13, the movie poster for Rain’s upcoming movie R2B: Return to Base (formerly Flight: Close to the Sun) was unveiled.

Transforming into a fighter pilot, Rain can be seen in full pilot gear inside his jet and flying over the Seoul metropolitan area. The scene in the movie poster was revealed to be an actual scene that will be seen in the movie.

The thrilling blockbuster included among its staff, aviation experts who were involved in Hollywood movies such as The Dark Knight and Inception, to create a more realistic film.

Though the movie completed shooting last September, due to technical fixes and other issues, the premiere date has been continually delayed but is now set.

The movie also stars Shin Se Kyung, Kim Sung Soo, Jung Seok Wok and tells the story of a group of pilots in the Republic of Korea Air Force 21st Fighter Wing, their dreams, passion and friendship.

R2B: Return to Base will premiere in August.

Photo credit: CJ E&M

Source : enewsworld

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