Rain (Bi) Spotted on Spotify

~Cloud Cover by Terri :-}, Managing Editor

Well, after many months of mulling it over, I finally decided to bite the bullet and sign up for Spotify.  The first thing I did, of course, was search for Rain songs.  I didn’t expect much, but to my utter shock and awe I discovered quite a few of his songs listed!  What the heck?  I quickly created a Rain (Bi) playlist and I’ve been playing his songs like mad ever since. :-}

For those of you who don’t know, Spotify is a Swedish company that offers digitally restricted streaming of a selection of music from both major and independent record labels all over the world.  It is a relatively low-priced subscription-based service that also offers a limited amount of free listening for people who don’t want to pay for the service.  (Currently, Spotify is offering an unlimited listening trial period, but in the past they have limited plays. Check out their current terms of service for yourself.)

The difference between Spotify and sites like iTunes and Amazon.com, etc., is that Spotify is a “pay-per-play” streaming service.  If I buy a song from iTunes for .99 cents, then it is mine forever, to play as many times as I wish.  The artist gets no further compensation from me, even if I play that song thousands of times.

On the other hand, if I listen to that same song on Spotify 206 times (or if 206 fans play the song 1 time each), then the artist gets paid .99 cents (assuming that the pay-per-play rate is $0.0048 cents per play—the rate varies per contractual agreements made with labels).  If I listen to that song 206 more times, then the artist gets another .99 cents.  And so on and so forth.  (Note: In Europe, Spotify also sells downloads of playlists, but they don’t do that yet here in the U.S.)

The main issue I see with this “pay-to-play” model is that unless an artist has a humongous fan-base (or a small over-zealous fan-base) who will listen to their songs over and over again on Spotify, then they probably won’t make much money by having their songs listed there.  However, Spotify’s cool features (building playlists, carrying the music wherever you go via your smartphone, etc.) are becoming extremely popular with the younger set here in the U.S.

Almost every young person I know already pays to have Spotify on their smartphone, so they can take their music everywhere they go.  So, the potential exposure Spotify is likely to provide to artists in the future should not be discounted—if the company manages to survive its infancy, of course.  In my humble opinion, for now, artists would be smart to simply consider Spotify one of their many revenue streams and be done with it, rather than worrying about how much they are or are not getting paid.

In any event, right now Rain’s songs are registering absolutely no popularity at all on Spotify.  You heard right.  Zero.  Zilch.  Zip.  I imagine that is probably because very few people know his songs are there.  So, Clouds, please go sign up via Spotify’s Sign-Up Page and start playing his songs.  Then, go tell everyone you know to sign up and play them too.

Rain’s change purse will thank you.  😛

Terri @CloudUSA.org :-}

P.S. SHINee and BigBang and others are listed too!  :-}

~ by Cloud USA on May 31, 2012.

23 Responses to “Rain (Bi) Spotted on Spotify”

  1. I can’t find Rain in Spotify. I tried his 3 different names (Rain, Bi Rain, Jung Ji-Hoon) and there are none. Anyone that downloaded for free in Spotify or other sites, can you please post it please? Thank you 😀


  2. Last fm Also plays artist that are similar to him in music


  3. oh I forgot the S at the end of song


  4. Oh go to http://www.lastfm.com and you will find his song and his play list of what music he likes plus photo’s of him just create a free account on your desk top or lap top.


  5. ok I cant find any Rain songs – I don,t own any yet (gasp I know!!) But I did load a kpop playlist with Shinee, BigBang, Taeyang, MBLAQ, and 2NE1 on it. 😦 Sad I cant find Rain songs though. I wonder if it would help is someone posted their playlist on FB? I know it said something about sharing music that way.


    • I think if someone like Stephe shared a playlist on FB on the Cloud USA page then we could link from that to ours and have access to the songs. That is what it looks like anyway. Ok I am too tired to be trying figure this out. Good night and thanks for all the awesome Raininess that you guys provide 😀


      • Carspyder,

        I will work on this when I’m off tomorrow, and see if I can figure out exactly how Spotify works. If I can upload some of his songs for us to listen to, I will. Seeing as how he gets paid when we play and share them on Spotify.

        Terri :-}


        • Thanks Terri!! The more I look at it the more I think it pulls from sns like facebook to link you with other users and their music. 😀 Will love it if I could listen to more Rain 😀 You guys rock!!


  6. I have Spotify and I LOVE it. I know Rain would like my playlist “Situations Freaky”. It’s club songs. I uploaded my own Rain songs from my computer onto my list so Im not sure if those are the ones yur seeing, Terri. I uploaded Hip song and Man Up. I also put MBlaq Run of course, ahhaa and Y.


  7. I will check it out, that’s for sure!! Thanks for the info!! 😀


  8. ~jotting down in my to do list~ go to spotify tomorrow while I’m stuck sitting at the reception desk for 9 and a half hours… gaaaahhhhh.

    Will def check it out! Thank you!


  9. I thought I was crazy when I heard rain’s songs in spotify but then I realize that spotify pulled my kpop playlist from my computer so at the end I thought it was just my imagination who played tricks on me.


    • Unfortunately I’m not having good luck. When im searching it keeps pulling in the search the songs of rain that I already have. Can’t find using Rain, Bi Rain, Rain Bi. Nothing.


    • LOL.

      Well, ladies, it’s not pulling up my library, for sure, because I have lots of Rain’s CD’s and they are all on my computer. So. I don’t know. I will find more out about how it all works, if I can and let you know…

      Terri :-}


  10. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong, but the only song I can find is on the Kung Fu Panda soundtrack and it’s not available. Help!


    • Ok. I think I know what’s going on. If I search on the mobile app, nothing comes up. If I search on my desktop, it pulls my Rain songs up from my library.


      • Well, that doesn’t explain everything, because when I search from my desktop, the list does not include all of his songs that I have in my library. I have bought almost all of his CD’s and have uploaded all of those songs to my computer. Very strange.

        Unless it’s pulling from some weird place on my computer. I will work on this more tomorrow.

        In any event, if you’re on Spotify and you can see his songs, then please play them. That was my whole point in the first place. LOL.

        Terri :-}


  11. AWESOME, Terri. *galloping over there now*

    Stephe ^@@^


  12. How did you search? Did you use Bi, Rain or a combination of both?


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