[articles] R2B: Return To Base set to hit the tarmac in August.

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*rolling my eyes*

Yes, of course it’s military lingo, but if it’s anticlimactic and takes all the suspense out of movie-goers’ expectations for the plot— Oh, never mind. If I have to explain that to you, CJ, there’s just no point. :/ *sleeping on it some more, maybe I’ll come around* Let me see it on an official poster. Maybe that’ll help…

I’m only concerned because of general movie-goers who aren’t necessarily fans of Rain or other actors in the film—they need their curiosity pricked and to be enticed with a title that promises to take them on a breathtaking ride. Rain’s fans, not so much. It could be called “The Turd Express” and they would pile into theaters in support of him. (Okay, that was a little over the top, but you get what I’m sayin’. Heheh.)

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Allkpop 5/21/2012 — by VITALSIGN

Rain’s movie undergoes final title change to ‘R2B: Return to Base’

Rain‘s last movie before his army enlistment, ‘Soar: Close to the Sun‘, has finalized a release date and announced a title change.

On May 21st, CJ Entertainment revealed that they would be changing the movie’s title to ‘R2B: Return to Base‘. Representatives stated, “The movie will be undergoing a title change and is scheduled to hit theaters this August. ‘Return to Base’ is army lingo for safe return and is actually said in the movie itself.”

The film also features Shin Se Kyung, Lee Jong Suk, and others. The film was produced by staff members that also worked on ‘Dark Knight‘ and ‘Inception‘.

Stay tuned for more updates!

Source & Image: Sports Seoul via Naver

~ by Cloud USA on May 22, 2012.

16 Responses to “[articles] R2B: Return To Base set to hit the tarmac in August.”

  1. i so curious about this as well the little change like what 3 time and now they announce it an OFFICIAL name well regardless it GOOD ot not i just hoping that this MOVIES are release National WIDE of curse in Asia but what about in USA????????
    my considering that it look like it HARD to say it will be in USA i am crossing my finger to see here in USA coz this movies does bring back TOP GUN version even though it old but i know Rain play new version so it should be awesome !! i can’t wait until AUGUST


  2. I don’t like the new title and the explanation they’re giving is lame to me. I hope they know what they’re doing. Sighh I think they are relying to much in Rain’s fans and fame. I know his fan base in Asia is huge but they should be careful with “putting all the eggs in the same basket”.They should make promotions like they would do for any movie. Is obvious to me that the movie is made for the asian market but they should consider that Rain is also a world star. Regarding being a copy of Top Gun, well, that movie was made a long time ago. People still remember it, is true, but the technology in movie making has change so much that I’m sure Rain’s movie is gonna look totally different to Top Gun. If they do the promotion right, people will go to see the new Top Gun. Anyway, I can’t wait for August. 🙂


  3. hey everyone, first time posting–something about this thread compels me. i’m a korean-american who lives in los angeles. i just recently started following rain’s career and am uber-proud of all the success he’s achieved worldwide. i may be going against the majority here, but one of the projects i most enjoyed seeing rain in was park chan wook’s “i’m a cyborg but that’s okay” which did dismally at the box office and left some pcw (not to mention rain) fans scratching their heads. but i for one loved the movie for its originality, and i loved that a superstar like rain was willing to go all out on this role, despite having to downplay his natural charisma and ham-like tendencies. obviously, since i haven’t seen rain’s new movie, which is coming out in august, i can’t give a definitive opinion on it. but i do want to say that the title change to R2B is pretty lame–i’m sorry, but it this should be the name of a type of corkscrew, not the name of an anticipated summer blockbuster movie. frankly, “soar to the sun” sounded lame to me too, but compared to R2B, it was badass–and, yes, this is coming from a fan of rain. i’m a tad worried about how this movie will fare here in the u.s., not just because of the title, but also because the story sounds too much like “top gun”–i may not be a huge tom cruise fan, but, seriously, how can you ever top maverick, goose and iceman? 🙂 then again, i doubt the R2B’s marketing strategy is significantly vested in the u.s. market, so perhaps my point is moot. all this to say: titles matter and originality rules!


    p.s. my shout-out to rain: it’s awesome to hear you on the radio every weekend, but please ease up on kcm. i think he’s a cool cat and i’m surprised that he’s so pleasant, despite the way you’re always abruptly cutting him off and aggressively one-upping him all the time–and to tease kcm for have bad English pronunciation? c’mon rain…; i realize you’re probably playing up the dynamics to make things interesting for the listeners, but for some reason, at moments, it seems a tad too much, and i find myself feeling more sympathetic for kcm then basking in your energy, which is unusual.


    • Hi, Sam. 🙂 Thanks for your comments.

      Another Cyborg fan? YAY! Cyborg was the moment I became absolutely sure that Rain could tackle any character put before him. He impressed me so much in that movie, I still watch it on and off to this day. He was brilliant in “Ilsoon”s shoes.

      Stephe ^@@^


      • i still watch it on netflix, too; it’s a “comfort” movie for me. i adore this movie so much that it actually kind of hurt my feelings (lol) when audiences and critics largely dismissed it as an anomaly to pcw’s otherwise perfect repertoire. for me, it had the opposite effect of making me respect pcw all the more for his creativity and his sensitivity to complex psychological and philosophical issues that could never be talked about straightforwardly without making your eyes glaze over (my fave line: “give up hope and keep your strength up!” 🙂 from various interviews i’ve seen of rain talking about “cyborg” and his character ilsun, i get the impression that even he didn’t quite understand the movie while shooting it, which is interesting since he played that role to a tee. perhaps, in a strange way, his not knowing on an intellectual level allowed him to work purely off of his intuition, which is why he could inhabit that role so well. props to pcw for seeing beyond the veneer of rain the superstar and tapping into some genuine acting chops. i know it’s a lost cause, but i’ll say it here proudly: if pcw should ever consider “i’m a cyborg but that’s okay part II”–bring it on!

        re: R2B’s deliberate resemblance to top gun–i figured that was the case, but thanks for the reminder 🙂 i’m just eager too see the best that south korea can offer in terms of original movie concepts–i’ve seen astonishing glimpses here and there, but they seem too few and far between. more, please.


    • Oh, and I’m pretty sure Soar’s resemblance to Top Gun is on purpose. They haven’t had a military aerial fighting film in Korea in some fifty years, and nothing like this one, and it was made strictly for Korean movie-goers. It’s just that people outside of Korea drummed up interest and want to see it in other countries as well.

      Stephe ^@@^


    • I really liked Cyborg, it was quirky and charming.


    • You make a good point. Maybe they don’t give a crap about marketing this movie in the U.S. One thing’s for sure the title leaves a lot to be desired. This is why I want Bi to start making movies in earnest in the U.S. and get a couple hits under his belt, then everybody and their mama will try to market the hell out of him then. Then his entertainment reps back home might try a little harder to not put out “sucky” movie titles on their movies being sent to the U.S. market.


    • Hi, Sam.

      First of all, let me welcome you to Cloud USA and thank you for your comment. I too adored “I’m a Cyborg but that’s Okay.” I thought it was an incredible and highly underrated film.

      There are a few threads about Cyborg you might also be interested in reading on the blog. If you just search the blog for the word “cyborg,” you should be able to find them. A couple of them are here: https://cloudusa.wordpress.com/2012/03/11/im-a-cyborg-but-thats-ok-other-cjm-ent-films-streaming-on-netflix/ and here https://cloudusa.wordpress.com/2012/03/08/review-im-a-cyborg-but-thats-okay/.

      Yeah, R2B. Meh. Where do these companies come up with titles like this? Boggles the mind.

      Again, hi and welcome. :-}

      Terri :-}


  4. ROFL. “Turd Express.” Stephe. LOL.

    Terri :-}


  5. I agree with you Stephe, clouds know and we love our JiHoon but for those not knowing anything about him or the others they need a title that will draw attention. Make you want to see it, for the hype of the dog fights in the air give this film a title that’s worthy! Make the American public want to see this!
    I love seeing Korean films in the video store and I’ve bought quite a few and will continue. Not only that but I try to get others interested in them, but you have to give them a reason to want to see it. R2b? Sounds more like a sci-fi than anything else. Sorry JiHoon… 😦


  6. Will the movie be available for us to see in the States?


    • R4F,

      We have been told that it should premiere here, in foreign film venues (unless you have a huge Asian population in your community). If you have a foreign film venue in your city, please contact them and REQUEST that they offer this film for viewing. I’ve already done that here in Atlanta. That’s probably one of the best ways for them to know we want to see it.

      The more people that request the film, the more likely it will play in your city. It will not, however, be released in mainstream theatres (unless your community has a very large Asian population).

      Terri :-}


      • I’ll request it in Baltimore. Between here and DC there are a lot of Koreans and Asians in general.


  7. I cannot wait!! I really don’t care what the movie is called, I just want to see it!


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