Tweets abound: RAINY says get ready to Return To Base.

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

R2B: Return To Base. Hm. Well.

Immediate thoughts: While the R2B letters would look really exciting on the movie poster and grab people’s attention, and my mind loves the visual (think T3: Terminator 3, MIB3: Men In Black III, etc.), “Return To Base” leaves me sort of… flat. After all, when a pilot is “returning to base”, the immediate mission is usually over and he’s okay, moseying on back to headquarters, living to fight another day, so where’s the excitement. Seems anticlimactic. Even “Red Muffler” sounds more exciting because it represents a pilot’s scarf as he flies headlong into a fight. An F-15 returning to base is a lot less stimulating than an F-15 soaring towards the sun on an emergency. (Although after Rain’s character pulls the crazy-ass air show stunt that gets him into deep trouble, returning to base for punishment will be the last thing he’ll want to do. Haha.)

“Lt. Jung TaeHoon” is a maverick/rebel after all, so perhaps the suspense of him not returning to base whenever he’s told and the consequences of his actions is what’s being alluded to. Maybe, after being suspended, his desperate bosses have TaeHoon return to base to attempt a rescue because he is the best, after all. Or maybe the question is being asked, Once the enemy is vanquished, who will and will NOT be returning to base? But there’s no telling. This title could mean anything.

Writers’ sensibilities can be fickle. Maybe I’ll see it in a better light once I’ve slept on it.

I really wish CJ Entertainment would stop dropping the ball and bring their Soar Into The Sun website sub-pages up to speed. Are you marketing a blockbuster or what? Make the thing look good, for God’s sake! Am I missing something? What are you doing? :/

— Stephe ^@@^ /

(Tweet and Image credit: RAINY Entertainment @Twitter)

~ by Cloud USA on May 21, 2012.

13 Responses to “Tweets abound: RAINY says get ready to Return To Base.”

  1. ~while finding the name change stuff interesting~ Doesn’t Jihoon look outstanding in the flight suit?!?! ~wipes some drool~


  2. I was thinking that maybe the delay of the movie to August could be government related. This movie was done to conmemorate the 50th anniversary of the Korean War so maybe they wanna make a big show out of it and maybe JiHoon being a member of the Entertainment unit could go to the premier? I don’t know but it could be, don’t you think?


  3. Chose witch name will sale. And go with it.


  4. Well I don’t like the change of title either. 😦 Sighhh Like you said, people get tired of all those changes and the movie being stuck in movie”s limbo!! Just make a decision and promote the darn movie!! Rain is a big star so they should be making promotions of this movie asap if they trully are planning to do an opening on August! They’re late and doing nothing about it!! They should know that people are choosing to stay at home instead of going to the movies cuz the economy is bad. What are they waiting for?


    • Ain’t that the truth Mari! People are being very selective about what they will go see. The movie titles and trailers help people make that decision. It’s just like buying books too. How many times have you been in a book store and picked up a book looked at the cover then the title and then said “Eh, let me look at another one.” The book you put down could have been awesome, but the outside didn’t entice you. It’s the same thing. It’s funny but maybe these entertainment management companies still don’t get how big a star Bi is and how to promote him. WE see it clear as day. Oh well…..guess I’ll wait til August.


  5. I liked the other name better, this new one not so much. Return to base, just sounds like you’ve screwed up something, not like fighter pilots at all. Why not “soaring into the clouds” or “mighty jets” maybe even “fighting for freedom” hey or “men of flight”. Just some thoughts. Shrugging shoulders….. :S


  6. the other title keep me thinking about it, waiting for excitement and danger! this new one…I don’t know, I just don’t get it in first place, for me it don’t say so much about the content of the movie, and if the movie will be released in August, then why we don’t have a formal trailer? one that works it, and the promotion? they’re sleeping or what are they waiting for?? -_-


  7. First of all, how many times has the name changed? How many times do they think it needs to be changed? You’re confusing people!!

    I think you can change the title a thousand times until one fits, just DON’T release the changes to the media until you’re sure. That should be the last title standing (so to speak). Decide and stick to it…geez.

    Like you said Stephe, they wanted something catchy for the movie poster “R2B” looks cool, but the words are kinda lying there.


    • Why the heck are they messing with it? And why the heck hasn’t CJ Entertainment confirmed that? They’re the ones making the dang movie, shouldn’t they be the ones naming it in whatever language?

      If stuff ain’t broke, don’t fix it. What are y’all doing.

      Stephe ^@@^


    • As I continue to think about it… that title does sound more like an action flick released over here. Just an observation on top of all my reservations about it. Man. *sigh*

      Stephe ^@@^


      • Even so, Return To Base….is kinda boring…sorry to say. I thought the movie focused on their flying missions? If his character is a maverick/rebel and it’s about returning to home base after harrowing missions, how about…………

        Flight of the Rebel Ace
        Ace of Base….(*Just kidding with that one*)
        Eagle Ace

        Hahahaha! Hell, I don’t know, I just know that have a movie acronym is cool and all, But the title itself has to be something people will remember as well as be cool as it flows off the tongue. It especially has to be a title kids will say ten thousands time a day, because they are the ones that blockbusters are catered to.

        I watched Meryl Streep on 60 minutes last night and she was being interviewed by Morley Safer. She told him that the movie industry has worked Hard to discourage people like him….in other words (old folks) from coming to the theaters. They don’t want people who can actually discern what’s good or not to “muck” up their ability to make their blockbusters sell (*paraphrasing there*). Kids drive sales of every damned thing these days. For them it just has to be a brightly colored as possible, be loud and sound good….it doesn’t necessarily have to make sense. That’s what grown ups like us want. (SMILES). We went to see The Avengers last weekend and it was good, but I’m saying to myself “billion dollars” good…..umm….no (IMO). But kids eat that sort of movie up. So CJ Entertainment take notes from the marketing of The Avengers.


        • ROFL.

          Ace of Base. You so funny.

          I thought of the band first, of course, but mostly I kept thinking of the terrible translation in that video game Zero Wing, which my boys thought was hysterical at the time. “All your base are belong to us!”

          Terrible translations can be a death knell in the American Media. So can terrible movie titles. LOL.

          Terri :-}


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