5 Responses to “[fan account] It hit me how popular he was.”

  1. I agree with all of you


  2. That shows Park Hyo Shin is a gentleman who respect a fellow performer’s work. I’m sure Rain feels the same for him. That’s what I like about korean performers, they respect each other’s work. If there is some friction, you don’t see it as clearly as in american performers.


  3. @Stephe,

    As I’ve heard…somewhere (can’t remember)…..game recognizes game. PHS knows he can sing and has great talent, but he recognizes Bi as the multi-talented artist beloved by all, as well. I think it’s cool when artists recognize other talented artists and shine light as opposed to “throwing shade”, like some do.


  4. Wow. What a gracious thing for Park HyoShin to say. He’s absolutely right that Rain is pretty much The Showstopper wherever he performs, but hey, PHS is at the top of the popularity pole too, to his credit. Nice gesture, PHS! 🙂

    Stephe ^@@^


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