[article] Word on the street: Soar Into The Sun to premiere in August?

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News to be taken with a grain of salt, of course.

It may very well be true. All I’m saying is right at this moment, I don’t see anything official in CJ E&M’s camp yet, such as a Soar Into The Sun tentative release date on the film’s sub-pages on either the Korean or English site. Or an update in their newsletter or line-up. But that could simply be a webmaster problem. You know how that goes. *shrug* Oh well, let’s all just hang loose and see what develops.


eNewsWorld 5/17/2012 —

Rain′s Film ‘Flight: Close to the Sun’ to Premiere in August

The blockbuster film Flight: Close to the Sun, which Rain finished filming before he entered the military, will be premiering sometime in August.

A rep for the film recently told enews, “The film is in its last stages of production, and is aiming for a premiere during the summer peak season.”

Some within the film industry had brought up the possibility that the film was drifting without a fixed date for release.

The rep clamped down on those rumors, and said, “[The film] is in its last stages of production. It’s just that the schedule was pushed back to hold the premiere at a better time.”

The film, directed by Kim Dong Won of The Housemaid fame, was originally scheduled to premiere near the end of May, but the date was pushed back to August.

This seems to be because the film industry has started to see the summer vacation season as the peak season. Successful and issue-making films such as The Host, May 18, D-War, Haeundae, Take Off, Quick, The Front Line and Sector 7 all met with their audiences in summer.

As such, the release of Flight in August means that the distribution company expects a lot from the film.

Some officials stated about Flight that they “heard there is a possibility the film will be put in a new form through the finishing touches,” and that they’re “looking forward to how it will turn out.”

A cast member from the film also told enews, “Some are voicing concern about the film because its premiere dates have been pushed back, but [the concerns are] not true. They’re probably concerns by some officials who just saw the edited draft version. I heard that the visuals are pretty good.”

The concerns especially seemed to have more ground as the film’s release kept being pushed back even though it had held its press conference at the Busan International Film Festival in October 2011.

Officials said, however, that “the press conference had to take place at that time because of Rain’s enlistment schedule.”

Flight: Close to the Sun is a film about the love and friendship between air force pilots, and stars Rain, Shin Se Kyung, Jung Seok Won, Yu Jun Sang and Kim Sung Soo. Director Kim Dong Won, who produced My Boss, My Hero 2 and City of Damnation, directed the film. The film made issues for costing more than 10 billion won to produce.

Photo credit: CJ E&M

Source :enewsworld

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4 Responses to “[article] Word on the street: Soar Into The Sun to premiere in August?”

  1. Sounds good, I hope it comes to the US as well


  2. If it’s true I think they made a good decision. There are too many blockbusters in this summer. August seems a better time to do a premiere.


  3. Thank you Stephe for sharing^^ hope it comes to the US soon!!


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