Awesome K-Pop Moment of the Day: Escuela D1 covers Rain and MBLAQ.

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^


Escuela D1 de Vania Masias is a dance school in Lima, Peru where students learn Hip Hop, Break Dance, Jazz, Dance Air, Ballet, and a whole lot more.

At a Hallyu mania event/K-Pop festival, students in D1’s K-Pop classes covered Rain, MBLAQ, and other artists like TVXQ, B.A.P. and F(X), and had flash mobs to boot.  Frankly, it doesn’t matter that no one (anywhere on the planet) can do it quite like Rain… the fact that these young men admire Rain and MBLAQ enough to do their best covering them for their school simply wins our hearts. Their enthusiasm is infectious! ♥ Not to mention the total support that the Rain and MBLAQ fans gave them as they performed—bravo! 🙂

This is pure fun and fan love at its best, folks. ^@@^

(Video credits: luiggiMendoza @YT)

ESCUELA D1 – BI-RAIN (cover) Hallyu Day III.

ESCUELA D1 – MBLAQ (cover) Hallyu Day II.

~ by Cloud USA on May 15, 2012.

4 Responses to “Awesome K-Pop Moment of the Day: Escuela D1 covers Rain and MBLAQ.”

  1. Aww I love these videos! Thanks for sharing! Is great to see these young boys dancing so well to our JiHoon’s songs and Mblaq’s songs!! They did a marvelous job cuz it shows they spent a long time practicing and perfecting the choreography. The crowd was going insane! Lol!! I wish JiHoon could see it cuz I know he’ll be so proud and happy!


  2. Girls they were cute but we all know no one can roll it like our baby Rain. I did enjoy it thanks.


  3. Wow…I enjoyed that! The dancers did a good job and it was especially fun to hear the audience shouting Jung Ji-Hoon! What fun it would have been to be there and watch the whole program.


  4. Thanks for sharinggg…I´m verryyyy happpyyy!!..OMG! Vania Masias School is five blocks from my house. They are great !!Yeahh!!…and Rain lives in our hearts Peruvians….. “Waiting for you” .♥_♥.


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