6 Responses to “[fan accounts] Soldiers kept shouting “Encore!” when his performance was finished.”

  1. Is there a place we can view this video? Or is it up here somewhere I’m no seeing?


  2. When Rain performs he is always captivating and no one can resist him!!!!


  3. Rain has a very big effect on everybody who attends his performances. It doesn’t matter that you are young or elder, soldier or mother, girl or boy, everybody is enthusiastic about him! It is RAIN!!! Falls on everyone! 😀


  4. even the men were screaming…obviously it’s the first time for them. Now Rain has a new group of fans…hehehe!


    • @Felisshi,

      I think Bi has always had male fans, but you know how men are. They wouldn’t be caught “dead” admitting they are fans of a guy singer, especially one that’s as fine and sexy as Bi. Men are funny! (SMILES)


  5. I noticed that even men in the audience were screaming… obviously it’s a first time for them. Now Rain has a new group of fans aside from girls and ahjummas.. . men in uniform… hahaha! ! !


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