[Cloud USA community] Regular or Visitor: Where are YOU across the Rainiverse?

Cloud cover by: Stephe Thornton, Managing Editor ^@@^

Image credit: Past Rain sponsor Cartier.

We were checking Cloud USA site stats recently and, while we do know that our site is more international now than ever before and we wholeheartedly welcome English-speakers from across the world, we were tickled to see all the places Cloud USA has been visited from, to date. We’re really grateful that so many locations have found us because of what this could mean for Rain.

A chain is as strong as its links. Isolated Rain fans finding kindred spirits means a firm, unshakable foundation for 비 to stand on and a louder Voice that will be heard by the Powers That Be.

Where are you across the Rainiverse?

No matter where you are, or whether you’re a media blog reader, forum member, Twitter, YouTube, or Facebook subscriber, or an occasional site visitor for updates, thank you! Please know that we appreciate and celebrate each and every one of you and your support of JiHoon Jung, the amazing South Korean mega-talent known as Rain.

No Rain fan should ever have to be alone out there with no one else to talk to. Let’s keep 비’s nation growing. Fighting!

(CLICK on images for full view. Courtesy of Cloud USA.)

Above is a compilation of around 150 of the 199 countries that have visited the media blog thus far. Many of them return regularly and even translate the blog into their own languages via Google Translate and Bing. Below are the percentages to date of some 300,000 unique visitors by country.

See below our top recent blog commenters based on the 1000 most recent comments. There are 33,453 total comments on the blog right now… 5,046 total posts, 1,255,555 total page views. The total views on our busiest day were 10,486, which incidentally was on October 11, 2011—the day Rain was conscripted into the ROK Army.

Again, everyone, thanks for spending your precious time with us in celebration of The Man. As they say in the military, sound off! “Whurr you at” in the world? Shout out your location, loud and proud!

— Stephe @cloudusa.wordpress.com / CloudUSA.org

~ by Cloud USA on April 24, 2012.

25 Responses to “[Cloud USA community] Regular or Visitor: Where are YOU across the Rainiverse?”

  1. No place like Cleveland Ohio for stage plays, RocknRoll Hall of Fame and fun, fun, fun! Hoping to see Rain at our Playhouse Square soon!!


  2. Anyone here from East Bay (San Francisco Bay Area)?


  3. Yeah, like Terri said how about hitting the LIKE button, ppl? Whatsup with that, not “liking” the posts around here????????

    I don’t get it.


  4. Ok am I the only one on here from Florida?..:)


  5. Greeting from Venezuela! 🙂 is great to see how big is the Rainiverse, this awesome man has earned this global attention with his undeniably talented and really love this page, I came here regularly to see some news about Rain 😀


  6. Phoenix, Arizona….originally from St. Louis, MO


  7. I guess Stephe and I don’t need to do a shout out for Atlanta, do we?

    Ya’ll know where we’re from, dontcha?

    Terri :-}


  8. You know?

    For as many visitors as we get, ya’ll sure are a quiet bunch. Really. I mean there are only a few of us who regularly comment.

    Which is fine, of course, because as we all know, some people are just plain shy.

    But could I ask one teensy little favor from you all? Would everybody PLEASE just click on that “like” button at the bottom of every post, so that Stephe will get more credit from WordPress for her awesome work on this blog?


    Terri :-}


  9. New York City, NY USA


  10. Wow I’m the third one with more comments!! I guess that made me a regular, right? Kekekeke Puerto Rico here with love and flavor!! 😀


  11. Las Vegas, Nevada…


  12. Baltimore, MD


  13. Greetings from a little town Pásztó from Hungary, Europe! 😀


  14. Another H-Town fan. Houston, Texas let’s give a shout out to Rain.


  15. Dallas, Texas at the moment.


  16. H-Town…Houston, Texas in “da” house!!………..

    Goodness, looking at the comment stats below. I might need to chill….HA! I talk more on this blog than I do in the flesh! (SMILES)


    • Gosh, there are a lot of you Texas folks!

      What is going on with Rain and Texans? LOL.

      Terri :-}


      • Terri, you ALREADY know what is up with the Texans………we know a fine man with a beautiful spirit when we see one…..and evidently we ain’t too proud to talk about him!

        I am number 5 with 41 comments, so I guess I gotta LOT to say…LOL

        representing “the D”/ Dallas (currently) and H-town/Houston (from a few years back)


      • I don’t know but he better get his Stetson ready, cause it looks like he needs to head on down to Southeast Texas! Everything’s “bigger” down here………(*Kekekekekeke*)


        • LOL, BiA.

          I sure do hope he’s reading these comments and taking down names. ‘Cause he’s gotta lotta ground to cover here in the U.S. of A. :-}

          Terri :-}


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