Badasses don’t need no stinkin’ hospitals.

Compiled and completely out of the feverish mind of: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

(Screen caps by Cloud USA and as tagged)

Jinyi bravely drives injured private detective JiWoo to safety.

Mika bravely drives injured ninja Raizo to safety. “No hospital—keep moving!”

Jinyi tenderly contemplates her man.

Mika tenderly contemplates her man.

Jinyi: “He took a bullet to the gut. He needs me.”

Mika: “He took a shuriken to the gut (and a bunch of other places). He needs me.”

Jinyi: “You’re all mine for this moment in time. If ONLY you weren’t half-dead.”

Mika: “Ditto.”

JiWoo: “We badasses don’t need no stinkin’ hospitals…”

Raizo: “…just some rest, a little chi, and a hot girlfriend. That’s the ticket.” 🙂 ^@@^

~ by Cloud USA on April 24, 2012.

11 Responses to “Badasses don’t need no stinkin’ hospitals.”

  1. Oh yeah and badass he is


  2. What we’ve been doing for our lovers sometimes just appear behind the scene or may be invisible !!


  3. LMAO, You what what I was watching Runaway Plan B and I sitting there saying to myself “Wow a lot of these scenes reminds me of Ninja Assassin!” I haven’t read this blog in 2 months and here comes this post! So funny!


  4. Yes we (women) want to take care of our men, man (JiHoon). It’s just a natural thing to do for the one you care about


  5. Wow is a coincidence, I know, but it shows that women love to take care of their men and GOOD writers know it! Lol!! But I must say that writers in Korea have this “get to women’s heart method” nailed to their computers like Moses got the ten commandments cuz they always find a way to get our hearts to melt in every drama! But I have to give actors in Korea a round of applause too cuz is difficult to pull off these scenes without being corny and they do it beautifully and believable. Somehow the guy always gets in trouble and the girl always ends up taking care of him! We love to see vulnerability in a man cuz that’s when we can offer support. We need to feel that we are needed. That’s what romance is all about, needing and showing love. That’s why I love Korean dramas cuz they are experts in romance!! ^.^


  6. I love it!!! Rain is the type of person that you can’t help yourself you just want to take care of him.


  7. Wow…..the similarities! LOVE this post! (SMILES)


    • The scriptwriter for Ninja Assassin and the person who drew the storyboard, AND the scriptwriter for Fugitive and the person who drew that storyboard are on two different sides of the ocean and have probably never met. This goes to show that there is a method to writers’ madness and they they’re all pretty tuned in to what certain portions of their audience want to see to be happy. it’s part of the formula.

      We writers share the same wiring at times and have similar plots points to work with and it can be weird. LOL

      Stephe ^@@^


      • Yes, as I am learning. It also tells me that even though people may live on opposite sides of the ocean, we are more alike than we are different. But for the surface differences we have in our various cultures, life is pretty much “lived” the same basic way. I mean we all eat, drink and s___…..umm…..sleep.

        That’s the joy of a good story, it doesn’t/shouldn’t matter the color of the faces, if you’re human on some level you should be able to relate.


  8. Such a cute comparison! There’s something about him that makes you want to nurture and take care of him too. 🙂


    • He gets to play the best characters ever. It’s got to be an actor’s dream to be nurtured in the script by a leading lady like that, multiple times. He’s so lucky LOL

      Stephe ^@@^


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