[post] Allkpop Best Male Dancer Results! Clouds + Cassies = Epic.

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

Game face was ON!

We all deserve a pat on the back, you say? Hell, we deserve a couple of free concerts from Rain and Yunho, that’s what! We didn’t even deign to grace TIME.com with six million votes. LOL!

What a battle, even more so because it was fraught with all kinds of nonsensical stops and starts, improbable hangups that caused massive voting losses on both sides, and the twists and turns and plot points of a world class novel, which by the way was even more improbable. I couldn’t have plotted a better story for the most suspense myself. Team Y surges ahead hundreds of thousands of votes; Team R catches up to bring things back into balance; Team R surges ahead hundreds of thousands of votes; Team Y catches up to bring things back into balance; Team R watches 95% of their votes disappear in a matter of minutes; Team Y surges ahead hundreds of thousands more; oh wait, Team R begins to close the deficit; it’s closing… it’s closing… oh wait, Team Y and Team R votes nearly trickle to a stop at the eleventh hour, with both teams still voting like maniacs from all over the world. Um, yeah. Anyway.

Congratulations to Yunho’s Cassiopeias! We really mean that. You fought hard and you never gave up, even when things looked bleak. It reminded me of our epic battle over on MTV against the Aliens of German band Tokio Hotel for the World Cup of Rock finals, in the summer of 2010. Tokio Hotel’s fans are tough as nails! They took it to the limit and it was utterly amazing when we grabbed the Cup for Rain and South Korea. The coolest thing was that we met new friends and discovered a terrific band—the Kaulitz twins have got it going on.  (By the way, HUGE congratulations to TH fans for winning MTV’s Musical March Madness tourney finals against Green Day earlier this month. What a coup!)

Nice going on allkpop, Cloud sisters and Rain fans! Six million votes and two broken polls ain’t chump change. We came so close. I’m pretty proud of us. We get it in. 🙂

— Stephe @cloudusa.wordpress.com / CloudUSA.org


Allkpop 4/19/2012 —

allkpop Fan Tournament – Best Male Dancer Results!

After an amazing first round, semi-finals, and finals, that killed 2 of PollDaddy‘s polls and inadvertently effected service of their servers, we finally have a winner for allkpop Fan Tournament‘s Best Male Dancer!

We started off with eight amazing dancers in the K-pop world including Big Bang’s Taeyang, Jay Park, SHINee’s Taemin, Super Junior’s Eunhyuk, B2ST’s Lee Ki Kwang, TVXQ’s Yunho, Se7en, and Rain. After a fierce battle and tallying up all the votes, we have determined the last man standing.

There was a staggering total of 13.5 million votes cast for the finals. Out of those votes, 8th seeded Rain received 6,636,819 of the votes, while 6th seeded Yunho received 6,933,514 votes and is the Champion!

So congratulations and thanks to Yunho and Cassiopeia for the victory! Your efforts have truly paid off. Also a big round of applause for Rain and the Clouds for their heroic effort.

Thank you to everyone who participated, you all deserve a pat on the back!

~ by Cloud USA on April 20, 2012.

14 Responses to “[post] Allkpop Best Male Dancer Results! Clouds + Cassies = Epic.”

  1. they think Yunho dances better than Jay Park?


  2. Thanks Stephe for bringing the old good memories had at TIME & MTVNews polls 🙂

    Went on reading all the attached links…. It’s just the Best Memories I used to have….

    Fighting (voting) for Rain always means something to me. I know it’s same for most of the Clouds…

    Kudos to everyone been voting and especially rallying for it…

    Whether it’s the win or lose we always take one step ahead from our competitors… i.e the strength and courage to fight again for Rain.

    And all clouds had always shown their discipline on respecting other fandoms.

    Thanks for highlighting all those…..

    Even though I couldn’t spend much time with voting, wanna give a group hug to everyone out their…

    And thanks always Terri & Stephe and all the other CUSA crew for keeping our CLOUD live! I mean it!

    Wish everyone best of luck, strength and courage to confront every life’s moment… xox



  3. There were a lot of great dancers and they all gave it there best lol.


  4. I am so very proud of us Clouds☁ too. Cassies did a great job this time, congrats to you all!. Well said, Stephe.
    Regarding TokyoHotel, congrats as well. My top fav european rock band for sho.
    Adriana ✰


  5. Yes, we did it!!! Go Clouds Go!!! The support was there even if Rain did not win. Congrats to Yunho




  7. Well congrats to the Cassies…….however, there’s only one Number 1 in our book. Bi knows his Clouds go all out for him, even while he’s away. Maybe next time Allkpop can get Polldaddy something for his “stamina” cause Clouds and Cassies wore him o-u-t!……..


  8. I’m glad the difference was not abysmal but very close. When I entered the poll and saw that big difference I started to vote like crazy but I was starting to get frustrated to see that the more I voted the more the other team votes were increasing so much. So we really deserve Rain and Yunho concerts. AJA AJA Fighting!!!!!!


  9. Yeah, Rain’s Clouds have got it going on!

    I’m proud of you, ladies (and fellas–if you were out there voting quietly behind the scenes…I KNOW you’re out there. Holla at us sometime…:-P)

    Terri :-}


  10. We keep it RAINISM until the end of the vote.


  11. VERY PROUD OF YOU CLOUDS! 🙂 we proved that even if Rain is in the military service since more than 6 months, he’s still here, he’s still the king and we’ll waiting for his awsome come back!! doesn’t matter that we couldn’t complete enough votes at the end, because we did our best, even when it seemed not to move at all u.u! RAIN TO THE END ♥


    • that’s right Angela!

      Out of sight, out of mind doesn’t mean a thing to CLOUDS!

      Because of his military service thru July 2013 we will continue to keep a close watch on anything that is Rain, in order to keep him encouraged and ourselves as well.

      When he makes THAT 2013 comeback stage, LOOK OUT WORLD!
      (bobs head singing “Rain is comin’ down and it won’t stop”)


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