Raizo check. Because he never goes out of style.

โ€” Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

Ninja Assassin music video, “Another way to die.” (Credit and edit: ByronIsTheBestEver @YT / Music: Disturbed, “Another Way To Die)

How about revisiting some NA behind the scenes… (Source credit: Santa Barbara Arts TV/ SBARTSTV @YT / courtesy of dukedik1 @YT)

And a fan cam that is ALL KINDS OF COOL if I do say so myself! German Clouds speak with “Raizo” and get his autograph at the set, about 2 minutes in. (Credit: GermanClouds @YT)

“Mika, Mika… I like you more and more.” ๐Ÿ™‚

(All NA movie images courtesy of Princess-Kraehe @deviantART.)

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~ by Cloud USA on April 17, 2012.

8 Responses to “Raizo check. Because he never goes out of style.”

  1. rain needs vote….time is ticking plz….http://www.allkpop.com/2012/04/allkpop-fan-tournament-best-male-dancer-finals


  2. love raizo !!


  3. my favorite Blasian couple!……….Raizo and Mika—-(RaMika, like Brangelina)

    Never, ever, ever get tired of seeing THAT ninja! I don’t know how she was able to remember her lines when she was looking into his eyes…..#deerinheadlights


    • They are my favorite fictional couple as well. It’s funny that so many of us are moved by this couple that never was (at least on film). This is why deep in my gut I felt compelled to continue their story. Hollywood sure as hell didn’t want to. Let’s not even talk about That Ninja! Like everybody here I’ve watched Ninja Assassin so much I can recite lines in my sleep I think. Lord knows I have EXACT places I hit p-a-u-s-e. (SMILES)


      • The really sad thing is the Wachowski Bros. had several Speed Racer sequels AND a Ninja Assassin sequel planned even before they got to the Ninja Assassin set. And Rain had already been asked to continue his characters in all of them. *sigh*

        Any more Speed ain’t gonna happen now, but Ninja Assassin… Well, that remains to be seen. I’ve heard some strange rumblings, nothing concrete, mind you. I’m just saying don’t completely count Raizo out yet, y’all… *fingers sooooo crossed*

        Stephe ^@@^


        • Well, we know that having a box office hit is mainly when Hollywood makes definite sequels. I have to be honest, I saw snipits of Speed Racer before I even knew who Bi was and me being the “nostalgic” person that I am couldn’t wrap my head around all that color at first. My eyeballs were disturbed. I didn’t like it. Since I grew up watching Speed Racer. However, because of Bi I have watched it on more than one occasion and I don’t find it too bad now. Certainly, his part is Really why I watch it. (SMILES) As far as NA goes, it would take Bi changing his mind about training for it again. But hey, Halle Berry has changed her mind about getting married again after saying absolutely no she wouldn’t do it again. So you’re right there’s hope. However, if Hollywood producers decide they want to make the film and Bi refuses to accept the role again, they might re-cast it. I hope not, cause you know Bi is Raizo to me now and forever.

          Maybe you or Terri could “sweet talk” him into taking the role again. Just get him down to “HotLanta”…..feed him some of those Georgia peaches………SMILES!


  4. This post just “kills” me. Love it! (SMILES)


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