[Notice from Rainy Entertainment] Rain’s 10th “Debut Anniversary” Commemorative Event

~Cloud Cover by Terri :-}, Managing Editor

Calling all Clouds!

Are you looking for a unique way to support Rain?  Well, now you’ve got one.  Just awhile ago, Rainy Entertainment posted a notice on Rain’s official website, asking everyone to participate in a commemorative event for Rain’s upcoming 10th Debut Anniversary.

Yes, Rain’s management is actually reaching out and involving Rain’s fans in their efforts.  We could not be more delighted.  Below is a copy of the notice (you can also find this notice on Rain’s official website HERE):

[credit: Rainy Entertainment]
Hello This is Rainy Entertainment

We believe you are all aware that 28 April will mark Rain’s 10th debut anniversary.
We have prepared a small event to celebrate this 10th anniversary together with all the fans.

We hope you will participate and have the chance to win a small gift.

Please refer to details below:

Event content:  Please create a banner with image and words to commemorate the 10th anniversary for the main screen of http://www.rain-jihoon.com (currently where the banner of the publication of the diary is located).
2 banners will be chosen and will be displayed at suitable places during the 2 weeks from 28 April to 12 May

* Note *
* Banner size: 638 x 126
* Format: image about Rain + words related to 10th anniversary
(words only without photo about Rain or photos only without words will be disqualified)
* site promotion words are not allowed
* Participant’s name/nickname could be written on the bottom of the right side of the banner.

Banner designs should be sent to: rainyent@gmail.com
Deadline: Until 26 April, 2012

2 winners will be chosen among the participants
-First winner will receive a copy of Rain’s signed 2011 Rain Charity Live Concert in Japan DVD  and photo book
-Second  winner will receive a copy of Rain’s signed 2011 Rain Charity Live Concert in Japan DVD

We will announce the winners on 28 April in our Notice board.
We look forward to your support and participation^^

Wow!  I guess they really meant it when they said they were going to get closer to Rain’s Clouds, huh?  And the notice was published in multiple languages too.  All we have to say to Rainy Entertainment is JOB WELL DONE.

Here’s your chance to shine, Clouds (and perhaps win an awesome Rain gift).  So, go, go GO!

Terri :-}

P.S.  Now if Rainy Entertainment would just put some of Rain’s stuff up for sale (like DVD’s, music, etc.) where his global fans could actually BUY it easily and legally, then we would be all set, eh?

~ by Cloud USA on April 16, 2012.

18 Responses to “[Notice from Rainy Entertainment] Rain’s 10th “Debut Anniversary” Commemorative Event”

  1. Sounds good , lets do it
    I have an idea. The banner could be “2012 Happy 10th Debut Anniversary Rain” with a fly picture of him in the middle and at the bottom of the banner the name of the debut concert/or song even. I like Bad Boy and the picture of him wearing black with the shirt open my final line would be “It’s good to be a Bad Boy, Rain forever!!!”

    This sounds like so much fun, what do you all think?


  2. a ver si entendi bien , hay q hacer un cartel y subir aca para el aniversario de rain con la bandera del pais de cada chica q lo haga ?please helps


    • es un cartel con alguna inscripción referente al décimo aniversario, dice que no deben ser solo palabras sin fotos, ni fotos sin palabras porque sera descalificado, las medidas son las que hay especifican ( 638 x 126) y hay oportunidad de enviarlo hasta el 26 de abril a rainyent@gmail.com 🙂


      • hola angela gracias por responder !! o sea hay que hacer un cartel con fotos y algo escrito quetenga que ver con el aniversario de rain ? muchas gracias !! te agregue a mi msn !! si queres acepta mi invitacion asi nos comunicamos !!


        • De nada 🙂 si una imagen conmemorativa con esas medias. No me ha llegado ninguna solicitud al msn, pero puedes agregarme a mi twitter que es @Angie_Crist, por ahi podemos comunicarnos también 😉




    • y sin la bandera 😉 bueno no especifican nada de eso n.n


  3. Wow, this is really cool!


  4. I´m very happy!! It´s a great opportunity. I also think that there are some beautiful Korean eyes, watching and observing.. so go ahead !!Yeahh!! 🙂


  5. “so excited”…….perhaps this means Rainy Entertainment will open a store on their website and we can add more items to our collections…#WINNING….I dare to say “CloudUSA’ers” had a lil’ bit of influence in their decision…………maybe our Yellow Ribbon calendar caught their eye OR was it all our lovely posts and discussions in the FORUM? LOL


  6. Aja! Aja !Fighting!! It’s a great chance!!! Amazing!!!!


  7. That’s a great idea!! Finally someone in JiHoon’s staff is doing things right! I hope we can see more collaboration between his agency and his fans in the future. Maybe more of his stuff available in this side of the ocean? Or just available somewhere were we can buy it easily? Or telling us Rain’s future schedule in advance so we can prepare? That would be awesome!!! 😀


  8. Whoa this is amazing! Go Rainy Ent!!!! So lovely 🙂


  9. If duplicate,sorry……Banners in Korean language only?


  10. Banners in Korean only?


  11. Wow! They are not joking! Whoever is running Rainy ent. needs a big hug from me and all the other Clouds that are happy to finally be able to read what they’re saying and participate. I guess someone was listening… 🙂


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