[clips/fan cam] From Stephe’s desk: We don’t have to cheat because Clouds get it in.

Here’s a newsflash for everyone out there who hasn’t yet figured this out about Rain’s nation.

When it comes to voting for Jung JiHoon Rain in online polls:

1. Clouds don’t hack (though there are plenty of people who do). If Rain can’t be declared a winner fair and square, with all voters having the same playing field and following the same rules and using similar methods, then we don’t want it because that’s not a victory. That’s cheating, and we’d rather eat crow than stoop to that because it means we didn’t really do any work and he didn’t really win. Duh.

2. Clouds don’t hack because these things are simply online opinion polls and not the end of the world. Opinion polls do not solve world hunger, dictate policies in the Free World, stop global warming, or affect Rain’s career one way or the other. They are a fun way to pass the time and show how much we believe in Rain’s work ethic, goals, and accomplishments as fans. Who has time to go rooting around for elaborate hacking methods and such? That takes way too much effort and we all have lives to live.

3. Clouds don’t hack because we’ve got elbow grease for days. And days. And DAYS.

4. Clouds don’t hack because it would cast a shadow on Rain. A dumb thing to do when you’re someone’s fan.

5. Clouds don’t hack because when you hack, it basically means that you already know you can’t win and winning means more to you than being fair. We know no such thing. Rain is a BOSS.

Rain has won polls and lost polls, and it’s all good. Like him, we take the good with the bad, and move on. Like him, we think it’s cool when his colleagues have successes too. (Most of us, anyway. LOL!)  Makes life spicy and interesting that way. We don’t need to hate on the other celebs or their fans. We can take Rain losing a poll, for pete’s sake. It ain’t gonna kill us.

With that said…

Representing Rain in a poll means we go hard, or we go home. We are all in, with the accelerator all the way to the floor. Point blank period. From the Americas, to Asia, to Europe, Africa and the Middle East and everywhere in between. The same as other celebrity fans. That’s what you’re seeing because that’s what he has earned from us—our very best efforts. I would think folks would be used to it after all these years.

Regardless of the result, Clouds get it in.

— Stephe @cloudusa.wordpress.com ^@@^

P.S.: As easy as it must be to believe our Magic Feet has simply charmed us silly with his smile and rolling abs, there is a lot more to it than that. Part of which is we honestly have found him the BEST at what he does. With good reason. We’re not mindless. (Personally, I haven’t been mindless over anybody since 1984. Trust.)

~ by Cloud USA on April 16, 2012.

18 Responses to “[clips/fan cam] From Stephe’s desk: We don’t have to cheat because Clouds get it in.”

  1. Very well said


  2. message on allkpop Fan Tournament page: Due to the overwhelming voting, Polldaddy couldn’t handle the volume of votes and closed the first poll. We created a new poll and will add the results from the first poll. (1:35pm CST)

    Did heavy Cloud response blow UP their counting abilities?

    Yunho has 66 votes and Rain has 24……..get ta votin’ CloudUSA’ers!


  3. Very very well said, Stephe!


  4. School ’em Stephe!
    @marisara, that’s right…..nobody does his MOVES like HIM…
    @lotusrain, you are correct! Rain is BOSS (urban pronunciation BAWSE)

    Merrick already showed us why!


  5. Well said and so very true Stephe!!!!


  6. Tell it like it is Stephe!! Rain is the best dancer and nobody can take that away from him no matter what they said! The videos show it clearly, nobody can move like him!! Every time other performers try to do covers from his choreographies, they can’t achieve the same level of fluidity, creativity and sexiness that Rain can show on stage. Besides, Rain achieve perfection thru hard work, he tell us that over and over again so we can do no less. Rain is The Boss!!


  7. HA HA Tell em to keep on hacking because its STILL not enough!!!
    Rain is currently winning by 896,140!!! yes 896,140!!!!!!!!

    That is almost 1 million baby! Lol And that large increase must have come from international fans world wide because its just now morning time in Korea and I go and look at the stats and I was like WHOA!!!


  8. I couldn’t said it better! Clouds have been working so hard! that make proud of be one of you, because must of the time we have maintained the respect ( except some cases when the comments was to much to stand it O_o)…even when there seemed not to be hope at the beginning, be fight together without rest, because we believe in Rain, because he has earned our respect and admiration, because he is a inspiration for us, we all know he will never give up, why we should be do it?


  9. Tell it like it is!!


  10. Very eloquent, as always! Voting………DD


  11. You’re very reason he does not need this kind of help we all know that Rain is the best.


  12. Girl I can barely type much less hack. lol I think you said a mouth full. We vote because we belive in Rain. We believe because he has the goods to believe. His always going to be a winner to me.


  13. Tell it sister! Rain is BOSS ALL THE WAY!!
    And has paid his dues in hard ways.

    Back to vote….


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