[images] Tweets abound: The Remember Rain 10th Anniversary Diary.

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

So doggone cute! (It even has the heart-face that Rain drew for the Blue 8th Cloud membership T-shirts pressed into the cover. Aw. ♥) » Our previous post on how to pre-order this planner/diary is HERE.

(Images credit: RAINY Entertainment @Twitter, 4/9/2012)

~ by Cloud USA on April 11, 2012.

9 Responses to “[images] Tweets abound: The Remember Rain 10th Anniversary Diary.”

  1. Uh oh, I hope I didn’t delete the damned thing. Sometimes I get delete happy, especially if I don’t readily recognize who an email is from. I don’t recall seeing any recent emails. I got a confirmation email back when they first asked us to put in our order. Has anything else been emailed out since then? I see that you say they are going to ship overseas fans their diaries??


  2. Dear Stephe or Terri have you heard anything else about Rain’s 10th aniversary diary?


    • Lluvia,

      We did get a confirmation e-mail from them asking us to verify our contact info and our address. Which we did. A notice was put up on the 18th, saying that they were getting ready to ship all of the overseas fans their diaries. http://rain-jihoon.com/n2/notice_view.php?page=1&No=387&bSeq=587. That’s the last I’ve heard, but that was only a couple of days ago, dear.

      Terri :-}


      • I was expecting that they will let us know how much was for each diary. And the last email I got was back then when I sent my info and I got a confirmation email. That was back in April. I haven’t gotten any more emails about it.


  3. Me interesa el diario


  4. I just put in my request. However, I have to say I’m not a big fan of not knowing the price of an item before I purchase. (*Just saying*)

    That’ll be $1000 dollars miss……(What??!!….*head hits the floor as I pass out*). I shall say no more (gonna be a good little Cloud)….SMILES


  5. It’s so beautiful. I ordered but I will keep as a rain collection article. It will be crime to mess it up with my awful hand writing.


  6. I have sent my request, and they responded very quickly. Hopefully that means that the rest will happen in a timely manner.


  7. I want this Diary! 😀


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