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SOOMPI News 4/3/2012 — by jbarky

MBLAQ to Begin First Asian Tour “THE BLAQ% TOUR”

MBLAQ will be touring six cities in Asia, it is the first time since their debut which was three years ago! A representative of CJ E&M stated on April 4, “MBLAQ will begin their Asian tour ‘THE BLAQ% TOUR’ in Jakarta and then will move on to 5 other cities.”

MBLAQ stated, “We are so nervous about our first Asian tour, we also feel a lot of responsibility.”

Their agency stated, “Even after the busy promotions for their 4th mini album ‘BLAQ% Ver,’ MBLAQ has been preparing hard for their Asian tour. All the members are planning on giving their all for the tour. MBLAQ will show performances that will set the bar higher for K-Pop.”

MBLAQ’s leader Seung Ho stated, “Since our debut we had the dreams and goal of an Asian tour. We are happy that we have taken a step forward towards that dream.” G.O stated, “We will have performances that make people say, ‘That is definitely MBLAQ.’ Until now we have only received love from fans. This will be an opportunity for us to give back to fans.”


SOOMPI News 4/3/2012 — by S2Y

MBLAQ’s Lee Joon Cast in Daily Sitcom “I Need an Angel”

MBLAQ’s Lee Joon is set to join the KBS daily sitcom, “I Need an Angel.”

In the sitcom, Lee Joon will play a clever character who is an aspiring actor. The production team hinted that they tried to play up Lee Joon’s real true self as his character is said to have the same name and personality.

In the show, he is neat in everything he does but still likes unique things. Throughout the sitcom, Lee Joon will have a lot of scenes with Hwang Woo Seul Hye, who plays the female role that his character has a crush on. His character is the only one who believes Chae Hwa, who is played by Hwang Woo Seul Hye, is an angel. With Lee Joon’s casting, the production team is hoping that it will boost the show’s ratings.

“I Need an Angel” is garnering a lot of laughter for the silly characters played by Cha In Pyo, Shim Hye Jin, and Hwang Woo Seul Hye. However, by comparison, there really aren’t any young stars in the show who are in the spotlight. The production crew knows that Lee Joon is very popular on variety shows for his antics and believes that he is charming as an actor also. They wanted to bring life and energy to the show through him.

On April 2, Lee Joon completed his first filming without any trouble. It is being said that he overcame any awkwardness or nervousness with his lively attitude. Lee Joon will start appearing on the show as early as next week. A person from the broadcasting network said,” With a new character and MBC “High Kick 3: Counterattack of the Short Legs” ending, I will wait and see if there’s a rise in the ratings.”

Lee Joon started his acting career in 2009 with the movie, “Ninja Assassin,” where he played the younger role of Rain’s character. In 2010, he made his TV debut with the KBS2 drama, “Jungle Fish 2.” Also recently, he was on MBC “Golden Fishery – Radio Star,” where he talked with so much ease that he is being called a “Variety Show Idol.”


HelloKPop 4/3/2012 — by SUNLEE16

MBLAQ for Marie Claire Korea

With the exemption of MBLAQ leader Seungho, the other members showed off their fun and chic style for the April issue of Marie Claire Korea. Lee Joon, Cheondeung, G.O and Mir posed in a fun way but they were still able to show their glamorous side in different clothing brands. Check out the MBLAQ’s style:

» To see the full photo shoot, head on over to the HelloKPop news site HERE.

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  1. so happy Joon will be on another show


  2. Thanx for sharing these news Stephe!


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