[spoilers] OH MY FARFEGNUGEN!!!: A Ninja Assassin movie review by Punch In the Neck.

โ€” Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

Haha! Check out this wonderful piece of awesome, dear fans.

The Martial Arts Movie Mavens of Punch In The Neck, a blog dedicated to reviewing male and female roles in the martial arts movie genre and having lots of fun doing it, recently posted their take on the man who took down the Mighty Ozunu, Raizo the magnificent. I had so much fun, I read this twice. *applause applause* You all know I was a martial arts movie aficionado well before Ninja Assassin (Black Belt Theater on Saturday nights was my life!), so no doubt I’m going to be spending some quality time reading more “Punch In The Neck.”

This is an excerpt here, so do hop on over to Kelly’s and MJ’s to read their extensive review in its entirety and show them some love.

Oh my Farfegnugen!! (If you read the whole review, you’ll understand why the heck I’m shouting that.) ๐Ÿ™‚

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Punch In The Neck 3/23/2012 โ€” posted by K. Sadler

NINJA ASSASSIN [review excerpt][CLICK on caps for clearer view]

ยป You can continue reading the mavens’ review in its entirety on the Punch In The Neck blogsite HERE.

~ by Cloud USA on March 30, 2012.

4 Responses to “[spoilers] OH MY FARFEGNUGEN!!!: A Ninja Assassin movie review by Punch In the Neck.”

  1. I enjoyed that review soo much!! It was great and I LMAO while reading it. Wished that review was available at the time the movie was released cuz I bet lots of people would have seeing it after reading that awesome review! Oh and I would love to see the face of the Allstate agent when he inspects the car. I bet he’s used to see it all but this car, oh well, that damage is gonna be really hard to explain… unless the agent believes in ninjas, then is a piece of cake. Kekekeke


  2. Great review with intense details! After watching the movie multiple times, you have a tendency to forget EVERYTHING that happens to our dear Raizo…….BTW, how DO you explain the damage to the hood of your car to your local insurance agent?


  3. HA!! That was an AWESOME review. So damned funny and made me have to read the entire thing. I must say there was subjectivity without being mean.


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