“Hey. Your side’s getting cold.”

~ by Cloud USA on March 30, 2012.

8 Responses to ““Hey. Your side’s getting cold.””

  1. Oh I would stay by his side and never let go!! LOL!!! I imagine he would be deliciously warm, I would touch his hair, soo soft and beautiful…gahhh and better stop here cuz I would be in deep trouble if my hubbie finds out!! kekekekeke Stephe you naughty girl, why you put me in this predicament? I’m so red I can be a traffic light!!!! ^.^


  2. awawawwawawawa i will sweep through him all over his body and took that breath from from Rain ….would go anywhere for it …..be under that blanket just get myself warm ya….. u know what in my fan girl mode is????????? tickle here…. :P)


  3. I will take him morning breath and all


  4. sheesh!..how would ya like to wake up to THAT every morning


  5. haha so cute. If he comes to my side, I will be burned up cuz he’s so hott keke


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