Even your little ones can get some Rain.

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

We’ve seen and heard about Rain in studies and university textbooks around the world, and seen  him as the subject of college lectures in Los Angeles. And lecturing college students himself on his home turf. Now, even little ones can read about Rain and the Hallyu Wave in these two children’s books: Country Explorers: South Korea (ages 7 and up) and South Korea: Enchantment of the World (ages 10 and up). Pretty cool, huh?

Big thanks to lemonmaknae for having a sharp eye and a ready camera! 🙂

(Book page images credit: lemonmaknae / tip: PurpleZest / Covers: Amazon.com)

~ by Cloud USA on March 29, 2012.

7 Responses to “Even your little ones can get some Rain.”

  1. ~LOL~ How cool is that?!?!


  2. soo cool..so proud!!!


  3. This is awesome!!!!! Those kids are so lucky!!!


  4. That’s soo cool!!! I guess textbooks are getting very interesting these days!! Kekekeke It’s great kids nowadays are learning so much about other cultures and people from all around the world. I’m really happy cuz if kids get used to see from early age that there’s all kinds of different cultures and people in the world then it should be easier to accept people as they are when they become adults. The more you know about people the less fear you’ll feel when you meet them and hopefully in the future racism will be a bad thing left behind in the past. Hopefully… ^.^


  5. Ah!!! I’m tearing up right now!!!! This is amazing. It’s undeniable the impact this man has.
    It’s crazy that even though there’s so many kpop groups out now, my elementary students (as young as they are) refer to Rain as WORLD STAR BI.
    They know what’s up and they know Miss A (my nickname) love her some Bi!


  6. Boy, they didn’t have this kind of SEXY in textbooks when I was in school. Lucky kids……..(*kid says “Mom may I be excused, I wanna go do my homework now”…..Mom thinking…….Really??*)


  7. wow..thats awesome!


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