From Stephe’s desk: Guess who’s having a birthday today?

I’ll give you a hint. His initials are J-I-M.

Happy Birthday, dear brother! (And get a move on with that new Cloud USA TV video show, will ya? Hurrr-up!) 😛

(Just a fun snack for when he gets home from work, heheh)

~ by Cloud USA on March 27, 2012.

16 Responses to “From Stephe’s desk: Guess who’s having a birthday today?”

  1. Happy Birthday, Jim! Wish you all the best and all your dreams come true and most of all, be healthy!! May God Be With You Always!~ ^__~+


  2. Happy Belated Birthday Jim! Hope your day was a blessed one filled with happiness. Love you…^+^


  3. Feliz Cumpleaños Jim !! … pásala SUPER ! 🙂


  4. Just saw this,
    Happy 비-lated Birthday ^^ 생일축하해요!


  5. Happy Belated Jim!


  6. Happy b-lated birthday Jim!!! I hope your day was wonderful!!!!!


  7. Happy Birthday Jim!! 😀 Enjoy your day and the cake that looks delicious!! Big Hug!!!


  8. Thanks sis hehehehe
    Thanks ladies, I appreciate it!



  9. I’m a little late—–but—-Happy Birthday tooooo yoooou! Hope you had a great day!


  10. Happy Birthday, Jim.

    Thank you for all you do for Sis and Dad and everyone else in your life. You are super spectacular, dude!

    Love ya.

    Terri :-}


  11. YAY Happy Birthday!!!


  12. Happy Birthday Jim! I feel like having a slice of that cake myself. Stephe has been the “queen” of desert teasers lately. GOSH! (*pulling out the TaeBo dvd……play*)


  13. Happy Birthday, Jim!!!!! Hope you have a great one and do what your sister says. lol


  14. Happy Birthday, Jimmy! and….thanks for the Cloud USA videos.


  15. Happy Happy Birthday Jim! Hope you are having a great day. Your birthday snacks look delicious…have a big ‘ole piece of cake for me!


  16. Happy bday Jim!!! We ❤ u!!! 🙂


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