[quickie][fan cam] Look what we just shared on Facebook…

Talk about a GREAT shot. Nice job, fan cammer! 😀 ^@@^ 120321 Bi (Rain) in Hanoi, Vietnam. (Courtesy of  minhngoccomic @YT)

~ by Cloud USA on March 23, 2012.

4 Responses to “[quickie][fan cam] Look what we just shared on Facebook…”

  1. I cannot remember everybody name who was on the stage besides Rain. However, I felt so happy for them because they were so happy to be performing. They were so hype, I loved their performance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think Rain did not want to take the spot light from off of the guys who were performing. This was not his performance so I can understand that.


  2. Aww he was holding back and it breaks my heart!! I soo wanted to see him singing and dancing but it seems that he’s not allowed or he’s just not doing it for some reason. Oh well, we’ll see on the 26 if he can do some true dancing and singing.


  3. That’s funny, the lighting guy kept following Bi with the spotlight…..hoping, hoping…..NOT! Bi was too classy to take over the group performance. I’m sure it’s hard to hold back, but sometimes you just do, just cause.

    You “da” man Baby Love!


  4. Can’t wait to see him on the 26th^^ Thanks stephe for sharing!!


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