8 Responses to “[audio clip][GIF] An intense Love Song in the barracks. :)”

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  6. I don’t where they got the idea that Rain isn’t talkative. He seems to be pretty serious when he is working, but in interviews and behind the scenes clips he can be talkative and at times playful.
    Sounds like he was going all out in his Love Song performance!


  7. Ha! They thought he would be standoffish and not “play along” but he did. Nothing like singing longingly to your girl in sweats and sneakers. (*Oh baaabbyy*)……Ha!


  8. LOL, sound hard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can imagine Rain was serious as a heart attack throwing down. I can just imagine his face was just like the first 2 pics. I think I would have hurt myself if I had been there to witness him singing like that.


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