[fan cam] Rain in Hanoi: Somebody could have really gotten HURT.

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

OMG, fans! Don’t get me wrong. I have no problem with showing JiHoon love and support at the airport. But this is crazy. Rain looked not only horrified, but miserable. If anyone had gotten hurt, he would have been devastated. If HE had gotten hurt… >_< Let us hope that the military doesn’t rethink its decision to bring him out from under wraps and lock him back up where we can’t see him anymore. Talk about out of control.

Not good. ^@@^

Bi (Rain) at Noi Bai airport 17/03/2012. (Courtesy of MyxdBanana @YT)

~ by Cloud USA on March 20, 2012.

17 Responses to “[fan cam] Rain in Hanoi: Somebody could have really gotten HURT.”

  1. Well.. They r all his fans… Can’t help it, i guess.. Everything and everyone will be out of control whenever RRRaainnn makes his presence.. Love u RRainnn… Mmuaahhh.. take care.


  2. HAHAHA!! Rain looked devastated! Poor Ji-Hoon…I’m sure he’s fine. May God keep his maniac fans miles away from him (including me 😉 )!


  3. Oh geeze this was bad!! I feel awful for JiHoon cuz as fan you should know when to open your mouth!! He’s just doing his duty as soldier so don’t bother him! The face of his fellow soldiers were like, “ok please let us thru cuz we are invisible, cellophane people!” I hope ROK army don’t take this as offensive and cancel his schedule. 😦


  4. I understand they are excited but clouds, behave yourselves. And it would be easier for all the fans there to see Rain if they stopped pushing and shoving.


  5. I hadn’t seen this one before, the other was nearly as bad. I can understand excitement but all the crazy pushing and shoving is ….. Crazy!! I won’t comment on the screaming because I know in the excitement of it all that stuff happens. BUT this is just a tad extreme. I hope some day if/when JJH comes to North Amercia our ladies will be a little more reserved and respectful. LMAO at the very least hopefully not worse. heh


  6. Jung JiHoon, Jung JiHoon, Jung JiHoon!!………..Well, what’s gonna end up happening is Jung JiHoon could find himself put on desk duty, because of scenes like this. These girls are nuts. As I said on an earlier post, a little decorum goes a long way. Words like etiquette, manners and phrases like respect for authority and men in uniform…..oh and the other two little words “home training” come to mind.

    Like Divalicious said and I agree there’s a time and a place to go nuts and that’s at Rain’s concerts and tv appearances…..NOT while he’s on official military assignment. It’s also disrespectful to the other soldiers traveling with him. JiHoon is not the only soldier/entertainer on the PR team. I swear some people really have a hard time making the distinction. This ain’t fantasy stage Rain singing shawty you’re the One, this is real life JiHoon Jung soldier at arms on official military duty.


    • Hahahaha girl u are too hilarious and this is soooo true.
      Home Training is what they need.
      The man is being a diplomat right now and their acting like he’s there for the Best of Rain concert or something.

      I feel this can go two ways though. Either the ROK will like the attention the Army and Korea its self if getting from this OR they will feel its a hazard to the safety of the soldiers and find it best for Rain to remain in Korea (which Id be happy about because they means I could maybe run into him!!!

      If they did decide to make him not travel, I think it would bother Rain a bit to know that he cant help travel and promote the army and Korea just because he’s so famous that there’s a ruckus of fandom where ever he goes. Sigh


    • this frightened me and I was sitting at my laptop in Texas……….OMGoodness…….I understand calling his name in excitement, but pushing and shoving, NG. Grown (and sexy) people shouldn’t act like that! Disorderly and undisciplined……..

      this commotion/ruckus was VERY disrespectful to both the visiting soldiers from Korea and to their OWN Vietnamese police personnel.

      perhaps the ROK will require more aggressive protection for their soldiers from the countries they will be visiting or perhaps bring an “entourage” to take care of their own armed forces members.

      @pinkfashionninja/bialamode—–I somehow think “home training” is becoming or has become a thing of the past. In the cashier’s lines when they are overloaded and a new one opens up and says “next person in line please”—-doesn’t everyone at the back of the line jump in front of them……REALLY irritating

      as my Mom used to say: “sooooooooooooo uncouth!”


      • Woo hoo……another Lone Star state girl! I think there are a couple more of us Texas girls here. (SMILES).

        Yes uncouth…another very appropriate word. I agree a little excitement is to be expected but know when to “dial it down.”


    • BiA this reminded me of a video you posted about a fan getting the crap smacked out her….HAHAHAHAHAHAHA
      Although I must say i didn’t expect them to behave in this way while he was in uniform smh….But like I said before this is one main reason I’m sorry to say I’d never see him in person unless by accident, way to crazy for me.


      • Haaay miss Lotus “blossom”! You know…..Hahahahaha!! I forgot about that (*Kekekeke*). No we don’t advocate violence, BUT seriously…as the saying goes…”don’t start none, won’t be none.”

        Yeah, pandemonium should be tattooed on his forehead, because that’s what happens when he appears anywhere. My ideal FANTASY Cloud moment would be to get invited to an invite only event featuring the one and only. Crowd control….check, he could mix AND mingle with invited guests….check, invited Clouds and the guest of honor could enjoy the ENTIRE evening drama free, without it getting too crazy (at least I hope)….check. That would be my ideal way of getting to meet Honey Love. A close intimate (not that kind) setting would be perfect.


  7. Sigh… Poor guy you know he was like wth. It’s one thing for people to go crazy while he’s being Rain coz that’s expected but it’s another to cause problems while he’s in the military. I’m sure he loves that his fans aren’t forgetting him but get a grip ladies. Be respectful and calm before they say no more trips for Rain.


  8. Wow ive been cracking up watching these. Folks were going nuts. They dont realize theyre acutally doing harm and Rain really doesnt want to be put out on a pedestal like that being in the army. Hes never once wanted to be treated different while there so this is like throwing it in his face. Of course he appreciates the support but people must behave and be respectful towards the other soldiers and the mission that they are there for.
    But this just shows how powerful and popular world star rain is!!!! hahahahah


    • The soldiers are also not really allowed to react. Not allowed to take pictures with fans and such. It’s very restrictive but with a reason. So him appearing to be miserable may also be his inability (read “direct order”) to engage his fans.


  9. I totally agree with you and they should not make the others Rain;s fellow soldiers feel bad and shaded..I am Rain’s fan but in my opinion all the crew was there in a diplomatic mission representing the entire army and Korea. I know it was one life opportunity maybe but i see why Rain felt so miserably.


  10. Poor Guy! Why do women make such fools of themselves?? It’s one thing to be a fan. It’s another to be absolutely out of your mind. I hope he has a safe trip. Praying for him always.


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