[Cloud USA video] October Sky.

There’s a hole in our hearts a thousand miles wide, it’s as deep as the October Sky. ^@@^ Bi, Rain -October Sky- (Credit and edit: JJ / CloudUSAChannel @YT / music: Javier Colon, “October Sky.”)

~ by Cloud USA on March 18, 2012.

12 Responses to “[Cloud USA video] October Sky.”

  1. Rain in black and white…lovely!!!!! This is reminiscent of one of my favorite genres: film noir. Can’t get enough of him….. Lol


  2. I love this song and with this video its perfect.
    JJ your the best…..


  3. JJ!!!!!!!!……….OMG!!!! I Love it, I Love it, I Love it!! It was perfect, just as I visualized and every photo…*SIGH*!

    Here I was just chilling this Sunday afternoon and decided to come for my daily Cloud USA check and POW….right in the kisser with October Sky! A thousand times thank you, lady!!……..(*replaying again like a giddy school girl*) BIG SMILES


    • I am so glad you like this. thank you, BiAlamode, I feel relieved now. ^^!
      I couldn’t get much of captures of Rain in suite with this ‘October Sky’ face(?) ^^ hahaha! Hopefully, other clouds and fans like this, too.
      Well, again, thank you for request and gave me chance to do this. Enjoy and have a wonderful blessed Rainy week! It was so good to see his angelic smile in recent news and updates. He is a beautiful person… ^__~+


      • JJ, I have watched this video SO MANY times since it was posted and I can’t thank you enough. The edit is just fabulous. I wish I could do it (SMILES). I will call on you again….don’t worry. (SMILES) You, Lany and Merrick are the video making Cloud USA “box office” champs! (SMILES)


        • hahaha! yes, I can tell you really love this mv that much! how great! thank you and put me on the “box office”, ^^ + i think i received undeserved honor. you know, Lany and Merrick are expert, I love their mv so much, too. thank you dear, it all happened by your special request. ^__~+ Good day~ JJ


  4. just beautiful…..


  5. Lovely video, again! Congrat to the editor! 😀


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