A special Blast from the past #143.

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

Before he was Rain and before he was 비… he was cute-as-a-button JiHoon/JiHun of teenaged idol group Fän Club, with three music videos and two albums releases under his belt in the latter part of the 1990s. He was a boy with a man’s voice and with talent rolling off of him like water. (By the way, I’ve heard the first album and those boys were dead serious on it. Wow.)

Awesome stuff. We adore vintage Fän Club! ^@@^

(all videos courtesy of manloverain @YT)

99-04-00 Outdoor Concert(1999) Fanclub.


Don’t forget your Bonuses…

98-00-00 Vid – Fanclub_X라는 아이,98. “Nawww. Yeah, ask him! Hey, baby.” Hahaha, tell her, JiHoon!

07-03-10 KBS – Rain Yunyegajunggye.

MV Fanclub_Baby.

98-00-00 SBS Fanclub. Yep, he was on Inkigayo before his debut as Rain. “Check baby, check baby, won’t you be mine!”

~ by Cloud USA on March 16, 2012.

6 Responses to “A special Blast from the past #143.”

  1. he was soooo cute!! why i don’t have pictures from that era??? and the person who said he is ugly must really be insane or blind ❤


    • LOL. I know, right?

      What I’ve been told is that since his looks aren’t “classically” Korean, he isn’t considered to be very attractive there. You all have seen the comments on YouTube and on K-Pop Entertainment sites, haven’t you? Even now, I run across them every now and then, where people are talking about how ugly he is and how they don’t see why people like him. Like you, Monik, at first I was totally baffled by this, until someone explained how some Koreans (more in his earlier days, I believe) think about “beauty.” Which is long subject and one I can’t address in a simple comment.

      I’ve even seen this kind of talk on talk shows with Rain, haven’t you? Where they are teasing him about not having a very attractive face, but a spectacular body? Of course, now that is said mostly for entertainment purposes and everyone gets a big laugh out of it, but as there always is in jokes, there’s gotta be grain of “truth” in there somewhere, or else it wouldn’t be funny. So, yeah. Some people actually do not consider Ji-Hoon very attractive. Weird huh?

      He probably didn’t have any trouble with girls in school, though. That’s all I’m sayin’. LOL.

      Terri :-}


  2. That first video will give you cavities!…….Now, Baby Baby Baby with that check baby, check baby line makes your inner Teddy Riley wanna come out. Zooma zoom zoom and a boom boom…………………..


  3. LOVE THEM ALL!! Baby was soo cute!! Awww he was a joy to see!! 😀


  4. They remind me of the “New Edition”…. love the song Baby, Baby, Baby.


  5. Thanx for sharing! I haven’t seen all before! Bi is really cute and great in these videos! 😀


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