[clip] MBLAQ check: What goes on backstage at MCountdown?

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

Mnet decided to give a little taste of what goes on backstage with MBLAQ while they’re waiting to perform, in this preview of their RT MCountdown show. The Boys are every bit as hilarious as Rain hyung. They just crack themselves up. 😀

(Who is that pretending to unload a fist to the head? LMAO! If it ain’t Joonie, I’ll eat my hat. kekeke)

2012.03.08 RT Mcountdown MBLAQ. (Video credit: Mnet / Mnet @YT)

~ by Cloud USA on March 15, 2012.

6 Responses to “[clip] MBLAQ check: What goes on backstage at MCountdown?”

  1. cool video looks like they r having fun. And i like there new song.


  2. Aww I love all my boys!! Mblaq is awesome and soo adorable, silly and dorky but at the same time really tough, talented, focused and brave. Is not easy for stablished male groups to make an impact right now when you have soo many new male groups coming out! But to me, they are amazing and unique in their own way. I’m really happy SeungHo is feeling better cuz as you can see in the video, they miss him terribly! He’s the leader but also the one who take care of them and give them strength. Fighting Mblaq!! 😀


  3. SeungHo looks like somebody’s dad?

    yep, imma call ’em Big Poppa….kekeke


  4. Awwww how much do I adore these guys???
    They always bring a huge smile to my face.
    I’m so happy Seungho is feeling better.


  5. I just love that MBLAQ is so freakin hilarious. They crack me up all the time. I will admit when I first discovered MBLAQ and I saw Joonie I thought to myself he look so good and sexy that he probably is so conceited with an attitude. But he proved me wrong he is one of the most silliest one of them all. They all are just so funny!!!!!!!!!!


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