[post] MBLAQ check: SeungHo back in the saddle.

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Allkpop 3/12/2012 — by VITALSIGN

MBLAQ’s Seungho to return to the stage this week + special album release on March 21st

MBLAQ‘s leader Seungho, who recently suffered an accident injuring his back, will be returning for the group’s activities this week!

On March 13th, J. Tune Camp revealed that Seungho will be returning to the stage on the March 16th episode of KBS’s ‘Music Bank’ for their performance of “Run.”

A representative explained, “Seungho’s back has healed. He’s received an examination from the hospital and there’s nothing to worry about.”

Through their Me2day, MBLAQ alerted, “Starting with ‘Music Bank’ this week, Yang leader Seungho will be joining our ‘Run performance. Please support him.”

As previously reported, Seungho injured his back during a pre-recording on ‘M! Countdown‘ on March 1st. Since then, only four of the boys have been performing.

J. Tune Camp also recently updated the boys’ official fancafe with news that the will be releasing a special version of “100% Ver.” titled “BLAQ% Ver.” on March 21st, which will be comprised of thee more songs titled “100%”, “BLAQ%”, and “Love Is Coming”.

Source + Photos: Star News via Naver
Tip: Kennie

~ by Cloud USA on March 14, 2012.

5 Responses to “[post] MBLAQ check: SeungHo back in the saddle.”

  1. so glad he is back


  2. I am so glad he’s ok! He is my favorite—the strong, silent type!


  3. Thanks God!! SeungHo is such a good boy and I hope he’s alright. Thru Hello Baby I’ve come to love this boys even more! Each one is different in his own way but all of them are adorable and you can see they are amazing boys. They give support to each other really well and care for each other too. I think he’s gonna be fine cuz his hyungs are there for him. 😀


  4. Thnax for God! He is okay now! 😀


  5. Talk about taking one for the team. These guys are like ball players, no rest for the weary! “Break” your neck in the first quarter, got your helmet back on and playing again by half time. Good luck with that back…..you…will…need…it. (SMILES)


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