11 Responses to “[Rain update][soldier accounts] Anyway, I acknowledge he is cool.”

  1. Out of the way, food coming thru! ROFL!!! Oh geez that’s Rain all right! Lol!! So funny! 😀


  2. “Soldiers looked at Rain soon after taking a mouthful of food and they just did it again and again. They seemed to treat him like side dish. kekeke… Anyway, I acknowledge he is cool. He simply looked handsome and great when I saw him without thinking, but they looked like squids, contrary to him.”


    I have laughed at this posting until tears rolled down my cheeks!

    Squids….LOL……a cafeteria full of Squidward Tentacles! (SpongeBob ‘s neighbor)

    Side dish (I understood the Korean meaning in that one)……never!

    Rain is always the main course/entree’ in my book……just sayin’

    I know you Clouds feel me on THAT one…………..oh yeah, so exciting

    @Boab81, you are right! The BIGGEST BAWSE, ya heard me…..


  3. Ha ha..it’s so funny these tough guys act like fangirls when Rain is before them. They kinda act in awe of him while in the cafeteria. I wonder if he is aware of that, lolllsss. I can so imagine him with his bowl sayin “Out of the way, Im coming thru” always the hungry guy.


  4. I’m happy again! Thanx for sharing the soldiers accounts again! My favourite is the “Hey clear the way!” I wish I would have been on his way! 😀


  5. “hey clear the way!” I love it! Bi’s da biggest boss that ya seen thus far! Don’t mess with him when food’s involved! I just love it lol. And the constant references to his height and stature are a trip! Yea these fanboys are gonna be a problem in the future, lol…


  6. @Stephe I love reading these soldier accounts of Rain! Most of the time they are so LOL!!!

    Questions: Do these comments come from letters the soldier write to other people? Where do you get the comments from, meaning where are they posted?


    • Hi, flower. 🙂

      I always put the comment sources (where they came from) in the same posts. As well as who the soldiers are writing (usually their acquaintances, sometimes Rain’s fans).

      Stephe ^@@^


      • Hi, Stephe I know I sound pretty stupid. Ok you said above you got these comments from the Source: Unit Key (열쇠부대) @Daum. What does that mean? Where the comments posted on a website at Unit Key? Please for give me I read so much stuff that I sometimes forget info.


        • Flower,

          Unit Key (열쇠부대) @Daum is Rain’s old military unit’s forum where they post information about the unit. They also allow people to post comments, I think, but unfortunately, we can’t access Daum from here in the U.S. So, we have to count on someone to translate the information and put it up on Rain sites or send it to us.

          Terri :-}


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