[article] Speed’s Takako Uehara to marry in July.

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Let’s see what JiWoo’s girl, Miss “Kieko”, has been up to… Getting ready to walk down the aisle. Congratulations! 🙂


ChannelNewsAsia 3/12/2012 —

Speed’s Takako Uehara to marry in July

TOKYO: Japanese singer-actress Takako Uehara announced Friday over her blog that she will marry TENN of Japanese music group ET-Kings in July, reported Japanese media.

The two apparently started dating last year after working on a charity show together in Kobe.

29-year-old Uehara said in her blog post that she is “very happy to announce” that she and TENN are an item, adding that the subject of marriage came up naturally as she spent more and more time with him.

33-year-old TENN in turn said on his own blog that he was “attracted to her (Uehara’s) honesty and gentleness”, before going on to express that the couple will work hard to raise a family together.

Uehara shot to fame as part of the Japanese girl group Speed who made their debut in 1996, and has gone on to appear in a variety of television shows, including the 2010 Korean drama serial “The Fugitive Plan B” alongside K-pop superstar Rain.


(Takako and co-star Rain  on the set and at the Fugitive: Plan B press conference in Seoul, September 2010. Images credited as tagged. ^@@^)

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