[Update][image] Mystery item of the day.

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

{*Edited to add: Ah-hah. This just in from ratoka @The Cloud Photo Board. Fresh J.VJQ it is. Image credited as tagged}


Ho ho… and what might this be? The source says that it is a new Rain J.VJQ picture. And indeed, there is the “J” and what looks like part of a “V”, all metal and blingy and such…

Hm. Time will tell! ^@@^

(Image source: tomi @Rain_Angel /Credit as tagged)

~ by Cloud USA on March 11, 2012.

6 Responses to “[Update][image] Mystery item of the day.”

  1. Rain wears lots of different looks well, but I think I love the suit look best, too.
    Nice hair cut!


  2. luv to see him in a suit………….what a BAWSE! (BOSS) That’s an executive for reals……bhahahaha


  3. Oh my goodness!! Too handsome!!! That pict is going to be set as background on my laptop asap!! Wiiiii!!!! 😀


  4. I’ve said it before, love them hands. shut it down dirty woman. lmao


  5. “Can you Woo, woo, woo??….You should be mine!” Yes, my dear Stephe….this pic made a Jeffrey Osbourne song the only coherent thing to pop into my mind. Lawdy!!!!

    He’s just….umm, umm, ummm!!! Hand p*rn, eye p*rn, lip p*rn, milk-n-honey skin p*rn, ear lobe p*rn. Goodness!!


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