[Rain update][info] Where to write PFC JiHoon Jung after March 13.

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

{*Edited to Add 10/4/2012: JiHoon is now a corporal. So please replace “PFC Jung JiHoon (Rain)” in the address below with “Corporal Jung JiHoon (Rain)”. Thanks.}

{*Edited to Add: If you are an 8th Cloud member OR registered to use his Official Cloud Fan Site, JiHoon can still be written successfully there. Just go to • CLOUD LETTER in the side menu. These messages are regularly printed out and delivered to him.

Also, Rainy Entertainment’s office address and email address are both HERE.}

After he transfers to his new duties in Army PR.

Thanks to The Cloud Executives for timely confirmation of this info, on the Cloud-filled Room Bulletin Board. (In my previous post HERE, it is the first address listed.)


★Please forward your handwritten letters (to Rain) to this address★

Hi, we’re 8th term Cloud executive board.

Rain’s address has been changed due to his change of assignment, and it is said he’ll serve in Defense Agency for Public Information Services beginning around March 13th.

Please send him your letters and personal gifts after March 13th in order to let them reach him in good order.

– His changed address –

서울시 용산구 두텁바위로 54-99

국방홍보원 홍보지원대 대외협력팀

일병 정지훈

우편번호 : 140-833

PFC Jung Ji Hoon (Rain)

External Relations Team

Defense Agency for Public Information Services

Zip code: 140-833

Duteopbawi-ro 54-99, Youngsan-gu

Seoul, South Korea

Thank you.

~ by Cloud USA on March 11, 2012.

10 Responses to “[Rain update][info] Where to write PFC JiHoon Jung after March 13.”

  1. Thanks for the information and making Rain fans happy.


  2. Hello All

    Thank you so much for this information


  3. Hi, thanks so so much for sharing this info with us.


  4. Thanks. So if I send it on the 13th it should get to him fine.


  5. Thank you for this info! 😀
    Stephe you always make me happy! 😀


  6. Thank you


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