7 Responses to “[Rain update][soldier accounts] At present, Private FC JiHoon is still at his training duties.”

  1. Yes, so they say he was in Itaewon with Bbaekga. And so they say in the accounts that he was in the unit on such and such days. My point being readers have to take ALL Rain sightings and accounts on whatever media with a grain of salt because anybody out there could be wanting to impress people. Or not. Just sayin’. (Not being a party pooper here. Enjoy these things, they’re fun. Just don’t swear by them because you really don’t know.)

    What I’m hoping is that he never gets in any hot water with the military for being somewhere he didn’t specify or merely went to on the spur of the moment. I mean what a drag, trying to be incognito all the time because you know somebody out there is going to offhandedly let the military know EXACTLY WHERE YOU ARE, when and at what time, every time you’re seen. Poor thing.

    Stephe ^@@^


    • Exactly. No, you’re not a party pooper at all. I wouldn’t be surprised if he told his peeps not to visit at all, even though you KNOW they will. He’s the type that would sacrifice that way….you know just to keep “confusion” down. Human nature is typical. For as many soldiers that love his presence, there are probably one or two who are not so enamored. (SMILES)


  2. @ felisshi,

    Naw, I don’t think it’s him being shy (the not being seen in public with visitors). I think that it IS him being aware of his celebrity and trying to keep the public (his fellow soldiers) at arms length during his time with friends. You know how we all get “relaxed and crazy” when are with our buddies or friend girls? We are no longer our “prim and proper” selves. Well I’m sure he wants to chillax like that too without everybody staring at him. So his visitors probably get to visit him in a more private area.

    Rain in the army is like how it would be if the late MJ was in the army. Who Doesn’t know him? Who wouldn’t stare at him? He can’t Be normal even when he tries to/wants to be. (SMILES) What’s really funny to me, is the one or two soldiers who try to “throw a little shade” his way, but in a “nice” way. The one that said his picture is unlike him, but HEY at least he’s charming…ain’t no big deal between him (celebrity) and me (ordinary people). *SMILES*


  3. Thanx for sharing these soldier messages! I always love reading notes like these, because they make me happy to hear about our PRINCE!
    Big hug to Stephe! 😀


  4. Interesting news, but he was in Seoul on march 4, with Bbaek Ga in the Italian restaurant and now I read that he is already back in the unit, the news are spreading fast…Sometimes I am wondering if those military acquaintances just want to impress people with those affirmations , but that does not means he is already back in the unit. Vacation ended so soon?:))Tnx Cloud USA!


  5. They are not fans but they are just excited as we are. One soldier mentioned that if we want to see Rain in the same unit key, we should join the army. Believe me, if only I could, I would. Bi has always been one who wants to be treated as equal like the others so when visitors come, being the celebrity that he is, he doesn’t show himself in public… too shy I guess and he doesn’t want to create a scene.
    Thanks for sharing…. at least we get to hear some news about him first hand; and not by the press…hehehe ! ! !


  6. I love reading the soldiers accounts about Rain!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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