[notice] Rainy Entertainment, Rain, and his official fan club do not have Facebook pages.

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

And they never have.

Please see the following posted by Rainy Entertainment, Rain’s current admin, in the wee hours of this morning on Rain’s official website.


Notice #355: We caution you not to be deceived by a homepage created on Facebook, which impersonates Rain’s official fan club site


Hi, we’re Rainy Entertainment.

We’re to inform you that the current official Cloud fan club homepage created on Face Book is posing as the real official Cloud fan club site.

The homepage on Face Book is not related to the official Cloud fan club, Rain, and Rainy Entertainment at all.

If you find any Rain fan pages impersonating the real official Cloud fan club or Rain or Rainy Entertainment, please let 8th term Cloud executives or Rainy Entertainment know.

(English translation by 화니 @The Cloud Rain News Board)

~ by Cloud USA on March 7, 2012.

6 Responses to “[notice] Rainy Entertainment, Rain, and his official fan club do not have Facebook pages.”

  1. It would help if on the Rain-official web site for the english people would have had the notice also. I see where it is on there if you hit korean at the top but not english.


    • Hi, Donna. 🙂 You’re absolutely right. It sure would have! We aren’t pleased at all with the condition of the English side of his website, and we’re going to continue letting RAINY know that. They’ve been really stepping up for him well these past few months though, so hopefully the English side will see more change for the better too. *fingers crossed*

      Stephe ^@@^


  2. c mona je suisrav te countre rain
    plz visit marocoo


  3. I AGREED and i keep TELL all them they RAIN do not post or have any official on FB some of them tld mt he even respond they message how avaricious for set their and talk to overtime i not just it crazy how they think it was rain who actually have fb omg!! SENT beginning i it not him that why i don’t follow it i also know that one time one my friend even confront me is their really Rain on FB have his site and account i keep told them NO!! but some of them even goes on and think it was him i as for me i so aware of that unless Jtune or Rain confirm this that all i have to say!


  4. This is so confusing: “We’re to inform you that the current official Cloud fan club homepage created on Face Book is posing as the real official Cloud fan club site”. What does that mean???????


    • Um, it means there is a page on Facebook that is calling itself an official fan club of Rain’s, but it is not. It is not connected with Rain or The Cloud in any way. It isn’t him or his reps.

      Stephe ^@@^


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