MBLAQ check: MBLAQ’s SeungHo rushed to hospital.

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HelloKPop 3/2/2012 — by Tiarni

MBLAQ’s SeungHo rushed to hospital

During the recording for Mnet‘s M! Countdown, MBLAQ‘s leader Seungho collapsed and was immediately rushed to Seoul hospital.

Having finished the first set of recordings, Seungho collapsed on stage during the dance routine for Run. Seungho, who was suffering from a herniated disc, overexerted himself during the performances. The choreography for Run was revealed by the MBLAQ members to be quite difficult via their twitter, which led fans to show concern for Seungho in his condition.

Seungho is being treated and examined by the physicians at the hospital. While he rests, MBLAQ’s schedules will be carried out by the remaining four members.

source: dkpopnews

~ by Cloud USA on March 2, 2012.

5 Responses to “MBLAQ check: MBLAQ’s SeungHo rushed to hospital.”

  1. Oh my poor sweet boy!! I’m praying for his health and speedy recovery. Back pain is tough on the body and the mind. You can’t move, you can’t do anything but wait for it to get better and every move is painful. For a young man like SeunHo it’s worst cuz he’s young and used to a hectic life. He will need lots of loving tender care, be patient with his body and let it it recover properly. 😦


  2. oh no, I hope he takes his time and recovers


  3. First Mir, now SeungHo with a herniated disc….speaking as one who knows all too well about having a herniated disc, I wince every time something like this is mentioned. The pain can be excruciating. Just trying to get in/out of the bed can bring tears to your eyes. They must be “killing” them with the new choreography. Having back issues will always be there, unfortunately but with the proper exercises/rehabilitative therapy he should be able to recover nicely. At least that is my hope for him.

    Take care of yourself SeungHo!…………………………..


  4. OMG! Dear SeungHo! I’m praying for his health! Aja! Aja! Fighting!


  5. I hope he will be ok. I will send my prayers.


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