[article] Stars born in 1982 take over.

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HanCinema 2/28/2012 —

Stars Born In 1982 Take Over

The beauty and looks of celebrities born in the year 1982 have become an issue.

Several pictures of celebrities appeared online recently with the title “The best stars born in 1982, Year of the Dog”.

In the pictures are Han Ga-in, Song Hye-kyo, Son Ye-jin, Lee Joon-ki, Lee Min-jeong, Hyeon Bin, Rain and many more who were born in the year 1982.

It seems that the one other thing they have in common besides the fact that they are actors and actresses, is that they are all very handsome and pretty.

Those who have seen this say, “The 1982’s stars are the best”, “It seems like their fame will go one for a while”, “All of them are good looking” and more.

Han Ga-in is currently in the MBC drama “The Sun and the Moon” and Lee Joon-ki is looking forward to coming back to screens with a movie soon. Hyeon Bin and Rain are currently in military service but they were very well known for their varied performances before that.

Source : news.nate.com/view/20… ( Korean )

~ by Cloud USA on March 1, 2012.

4 Responses to “[article] Stars born in 1982 take over.”

  1. This sounds funny to me cuz is like a “generation thing” but if you are born in that year and you’re not successful or handsome then you would feel left out! WTH? I think it only puts more pressure over people who don’t need more stress!! Yes, these men and women are amazing and they deserve recognition but not because they were born that year but because they work hard to be successful and cuz God made them extremely beautiful!!


    • @ Mari,

      Absolutely right! Too much pressure is put on Asian entertainers enough as it is. I was tickled because this article was so BEYOND shallow and made no bones about saying that the most vain part of who we are as humans is THE reason these people are successful. I’m like Really….had nothing to with a little dance rehearsal…for like hours….maybe??

      I’m sure that’s not the whole INTENT behind the article, but on the surface………………


  2. Yes! It was a brilliant year because of these brilliant stars especially Rain!


  3. {Those who have seen this say, “The 1982′s stars are the best”, “It seems like their fame will go one for a while”, “All of them are good looking” and more.}

    (*Kekekekekeke*)…………….This tickles the hell out of me……for SO MANY reasons. Aaah….*Kekekekekeke*!!

    Damn, if you look like “E.T.” born in 1982, then your career is SHOT to hell…..huh?!!


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