[clip][post] Rain hyung to the rescue.

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How gracious of Yoseob to share this story. Thank you, young man! 🙂


Allkpop 2/21/2012 — by leesa86

Yang Yoseob & Yong Junhyung were almost cute from B2ST

B2ST‘s Yong Junhyung and Yang Yoseob revealed that they were almost cut from the group.

On the February 21st episode of KBS 2TV‘s ‘Win Win‘, the members admitted, “While we were preparing for our debut, Yoseob and Junhyung hyung were nearly kicked out of the group.

Before our debut, B2ST’s concept was to be fierce and masculine,” Yoseob began. “But I was thin and on the shorter side, so my image didn’t really fit in with the image the company was preparing. While I was rehearsing, I received notice that I would have to quit the group.”

Before I left, I decided to film a video of all of us just comfortably goofing around,” he continued. “Senior Rain happened to see this video and said, ‘This kid plays well. Why are you cutting him? Don’t drop him’, and recognized my potential. I earned a second chance after that, thanks to him,” reminiscing and revealing his grateful heart towards Rain.

Yong Junhyung also shared, “I knew that I would be cut a week before I heard the news, by chance I happened to see the notes of a staff member, and it was written that I would be dropped.” He went on to state that he was able to join the group later thanks to the other members.

Source & Image: OSEN via Nate

(video courtesy of ratoka @YT)

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8 Responses to “[clip][post] Rain hyung to the rescue.”

  1. I’m so glad Rain was able to help Yoseob stay in the group. Yoseob has a beautiful voice and he is adorable.


  2. I like BEAST they are a great group.


  3. Reblogged this on lovethyrain and commented:
    Yoseo reallyshow his thankfullness to Rain (: Rain helped him stay with Beast and for that many of us are greatfull ❤


  4. This is such a beautiful story! Thanks Yoseb for sharing it!! Rain can see great talent cuz, really, the man is a genious! kekekeke I’m glad to know everything turn out so well for Yoseb. I’m not into B2ST but they have loyal fans in Puerto Rico! Those girls are crazy about them!! Lol!! 😀


  5. That was so nice of Rain. Also, this shows that Rain knows talent. And that what Rain has to say is heard and respected. He is a World Star!!!!


  6. yes i glad rain always point out the talent that what so good about being artist and who are know best solo singer too thank to-rain give him a head up for this and point out and he Rain sure knows how to spot a talent… Kudos to Rain! smart and versilties Rain is…………. SEE YA…. !! that my true WORLD STAR is thank i rain !!


  7. Wow Rain sees greatness in everyone. There’s a reason why hes the best!
    Yoseb is known as one of the best male kpop singes ever. I went to their concert and hearing that boy sing live was truly amazing.
    Thanks Rain hyung (id be Oppa for me but i hate saying that name lol;)


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