[MBLAQ Check] Somebody needs his Baby Mama!

~ Cloud Cover by Terri :-}, Managing Editor

Ah ha ha!  Calling all A+’s!  The MBLAQ boys are in dire need of some assistance!

Yesterday, G.O tweeted the following:

English translation:  “Looking for a mother for our kids!”

For those of you who don’t know, the five members of MBLAQ are currently starring in the TV reality show Hello Baby!, on KBS, in South Korea.  The three toddler terrors and the MBLAQ members’ almost constant state of befuddlement are a sight to behold and downright hysterical.

With these five Korean Pop Idols who haven’t got a clue about the baby business, KBS has a real winner on their hands.  I SO wish the higher ups at one of the legit sites like MVIBO.com or Dramafever.com had some common sense and was making the episodes available legally already—but alas they aren’t.  So, you know what that means?  That means that for now we MBLAQ fans are stuck scrounging around on the Internet and hoping like hell that someone will post these episodes with English subs.


Terri :-}  (feeling SO like a 2nd class citizen)

~ by Cloud USA on February 8, 2012.

12 Responses to “[MBLAQ Check] Somebody needs his Baby Mama!”

  1. I’ve been watching Hello Baby too and it is very entertaining. They make a lot of mistakes but they are learning. Joon makes a great dad. So does Thunder.


  2. Oh, Terri how awesome are you for providing us with the links to the show. I have been looking everywhere and I found a site called:
    http://kshownow.net and they also have a link to it. I like yours better.
    Again, thank you so much for looking out. ^_^


  3. Thanks for the links! I wanna see the mayhem!! Lol!! Poor Mblaq boys, now they know what moms have to put up with!! I think this show is a marvelous idea cuz they learn how to be good parents and the fans get to see them in another light. Besides, they look so sexy with children on their arms. Sighh You got to love them!! ;D


  4. This looks-and sounds-ADORABLE!! Aww!! The tots are so CUTE!


  5. I have been watching this too…very entertaining….lol


  6. Oh yeah, I’ve been watching the episodes with Eng subs for a while now. LOL! The guys are so funny. I love Joon Lee (and his big lips!), he’s so funny! He’s the biggest baby of them all!


  7. Hahaaaa… I was about to say whisper something about having links to good vid w/ good subs but never mind!


  8. I just finished watching Episode 3 on YT. Boy that little Leo is something! Poor Joonie. (SMILES) You know Joon and Mir act the silliest, but so far they are the two who seem to try to discipline before the other “more responsible” dads (Thunder, Seung, G.O.).

    They’ll learn as this season goes on that little kids will BS you in a heart beat and play you like a violin if they can get away with it. I found that out babysitting a three year old a few years back. He faked sick and had me panicking. I’m calling My mother….”what the heck to do, he says his stomach hurts”……(*Kekekeke*). She very calmly says, “put him on the phone” two seconds later he wants to watch play again. I’m like WTH?? All I can say is she had that “mama mojo” that saw through the bull (over the phone no less). (LOL!) MBLAQ has me cracking up…..Love It!


  9. AbsoluteMBLAQ is great for this. Same as Hallyu Cafe. Hope this helps.


  10. Um…by the way…

    Here’s a little HINT for you:

    Ep 1: http://americankpopfans.com/2012/01/21/mblaqs-hello-baby-episode-1-eng-sub-video/

    Ep 2: http://americankpopfans.com/2012/01/29/mblaqs-hello-baby-episode-2-eng-sub-video/

    Ep 3: http://americankpopfans.com/2012/02/05/mblaqs-hello-baby-episode-3-eng-subbed-video/

    Terri :-}


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